My clients are making me fat

I have to have SOMEONE to blame…right?

Before we get started, Happy St Patrick’s Day! Check out my Shamrock 5K race report, posted on FitBlogger!

This week is spring break for campus, and this alone should be a good enough issue to keep me from doing my true gym routine.

Monday I showed up to do my water workout (knowing the other class was cancelled) and guess what? It was cancelled too! So I went and did Zumba instead. After Zumba I tried to run on the treadmill, but I hurt all over and couldn’t breath…so after about 15 minutes I stopped. I got on the stationary bike and did about another 15 minutes before calling it a night.

Tuesday I went to the next level of Toastmaster’s speaking contests. Did I mention I took 3rd at the area contest for both speaking and evaluating? Being a team player I volunteered to judge at the next level. It was a very interesting experience. Unfortunately it was an oddly timed experience. Prior to it I dropped my bike off for the annual tune up (exciting!) and after it was so late I didn’t want to cook. My dinner? Two pieces of pepperoni bread, a few veggies and two small brownie squares.

Wednesday I made it to the water class! We had new weights and OMG did they WORK my arms! I was nearly floating away! After I did abs and then got on the treadmill. I felt a little better and knocked out 3 miles! HOWEVER I didn’t have my camera/phone and couldn’t prove it for the Cupcake Marathon.

Today? Today was a treat. I spent 10 hours at work! YES 20 hours! Two of those hours were spent in one-on-one sessions. Two were spent in group and another 2.5 were spent doing assessments. The remaining hours were spent doing file/peer reviews and other various paperwork. Tonight is the “outside” AA meeting so I stopped in for a piece of pizza, as is my new weekly routine, and they all razzed me about how I needed to go work out! Haha and if I needed bodyguards since I’d be outside, they’d protect me. I’m sure they would! Their canes and walkers would make great weapons. Thus, I blame them and how much I enjoy my job for why I didn’t make it to the gym. Afterward I had the Advance Toastmasters meeting. Commitment, Commitments.

Now for your viewing pleasures…I present to you the final product of the “inspiration book” we made in group the last few weeks.

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