Following a cute butt!

Friday I left work and went over to the gym. My plan was to do an hour on the treadmill before going to my friend’s house. They sent me a message saying I couldn’t be too late (lol) so I cut my workout down to a 3.1 as fast as I could go (trying for at least 10 min miles). I managed to pull off 3.1 around 32 mins (and I had my camera so it’s logged for Cupcake!) As I was headed to the locker room to clean up and leave, my friend sent a message…B-ball was running late, can we delay another hour? Normally I get annoyed beyond belief when someone does this to me. However, them not expecting me to watch the game and me being able to go back onto the gym floor made it all good. Sadly, the normal Friday class was cancelled (Spring Break) but I did bump into Ellen so we did another 30 mins on the arc trainer…which is the elliptical on crack. All in all I burned between 600-700 cals. Not bad huh?

Sat I met up with Liz for lunch and a little hanging out time. This turned into a fake “date” as we had steak before walking together along the river front. It was a lovely day out! I didn’t have anything recordable with me, so the 2-ish miles we walked didn’t “count” for cupcake. Later that evening I took Emme out for a walk. This walk turned into a jog. She’s small and has to pee every few steps (haha) so it’s hard to really RUN with her, but she’s such a TREAT to be with anyway!

Here she is springing into action along the trails!

And what is more motivating than having a cute butt to stare at as you move your own booty down the trail?

We did a little over 2 miles together. She slept the rest of the night! The trail doesn’t look like much now, but this is her favorite walk. There is a lot of different shrubbery and water along the path, so there are always different animals, sites and smells. On the way back, a Great Blue Heron swooped down in front of us to go into the pond to our right. She had a panic attack, trying to get away from me to catch it. I was laughing SO HARD. Sorry little 4 pound doggie but you CAN NOT have that bird!

Sunday (today) I got up and went to the Grunt Girl Racing trail clinic. We met around 8:30 and went over the “need to know” stuff for beginners. Nice casual meeting IMO. Afterward we warmed up and took off! Again being the genius I am, did not layer down. I went out in a long sleeve tech, fleece vest and hoodie. Less than a mile into it I removed the gloves and hoodie. Yikes! One of the speakers told us how we shouldn’t lean forward too much on hills, and instead of taking giant stretched out steps, we should be doing a short, faster turnover…I tried this method and it was AMAZING! As a group we stopped here and there and supported each other. I ended the run with 3.6 miles in 60 minutes.

We were also shown how doing a lunge with your eyes closed can really show you exactly how stable and aware of your own body you really are! I tried and nearly fell over. This is something I will VERY MUCH be working on! As my stability improves and my awareness I will become a stronger trail runner. And with needing to cut 140 minutes from my last 50K finishing time, I need to get stronger and faster! Haha.After the clinic we went to Vertical Runner for treats and shopping. I put in my order for Skins shorts and will be buying a par of 5-fingers very soon. I also signed up to be one of the Grunt Girls and received my “kit”. A long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless top. NICE. Pics to come. Once this was accomplished we all went to Aladdin’s. Decent food, OK prices…some people RAVE. I find it bland. It’s Mediterranean so it’s healthy.

My day ended with attending ZUMBA with Liz. The lady she takes from teaches from her home but is getting an office soon. The class is obviously aimed at beginners, and is a lot of fun. Just not a strong work out for me at this level. I would do it again just as something fun.

How did everyone else’s weekend and first day of spring go? See any nice butts?

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  1. Okay, I just want to say that when I click on the link that say “Following a cute butt”—-the dog was NOT what I was expecting! lol

    Great times! You should be proud. And I'm interested to check out those lunges tonight… I'm expecting the worst & hoping not to fall on one of the muscle head guys. 🙂


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