Boom! Pow! SNAP!

How many of you find the need to make sound effects when you’re working out?

I swear water aerobics is such a ridiculous time each week when I get together with the ladies and we just rock out. When we do the side scuttle we make crab noises…OK that we don’t do, we just flutter our fingers. However, we do make sounds with side kicks and scissor kicks and generally any type of kick or punch. In Zumba we sing along and we chant or support our chest shakes….err…shimmies!This week was by FAR my greatest accomplishment in fitness thus far…for totals.

Monday: 60 mins of water aerobics. 20 mins of abs. 60 minutes of total body sculpt.

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: 2 miles on the treadmill. 60 mins of water aerobics. 2 miles on the treadmill. 60 minutes of Zumba

Thursday: 40 minutes of spinning/15 minutes of abs (one class). 45 minutes of yoga.

Friday: 60 minutes of total body tons. 20 minutes of abs. 2 miles on the treadmill.

Tonight I sat back and made a terrible terrible decision. Mom and I were discussing my possible weight loss. My pants nearly fell off at the gym! I swear I look smaller, I know I can DO more and lots of people are commenting on my looks. So, I took a chance and stepped on the scale. As many of you know I refer to weight as “decades”. My deal was, Mom could know the # I did not want to know. See, today I had a rough supervision session and am pouting I am not in New Orleans as I have been planning for a year! I thought knowing my decade would cheer me up. She looked and I stepped off….

I have barely lost ANY weight apparently. As far as the # is concerned. I’m in the SAME decade I started in back in Jan. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I know I know muscle and all that other stuff. Seriously, I’m dropping pant sizes! Ugg. In fact I told her I didn’t want to know, but should I be upset? And she said, “Yes”.

My big plan for April, until graduation I will not eat anything “crap” related. We shall see how long this lasts. As much as I was disappointed in tonight’s happenings, I can’t lie. I know the scale is not my friend and I know this is why I established the resolution. I never should have tested my system. In my heart I know things are going well. Just look up a few paragraphs at all that information! And really, that’s why I do it…so I can do it and LOVE it!

Now, while I’m not going to wake up in a Hilton with a fluffy cool and soft comforter…(insert picture of the actual type of room I previously had booked)

…and I’m not gonna get my groove on down on Bourbon street…

I do have a few plans for making this a fabulous weekend. So stay tuned for pictures and stories. Remember….NO DOWNSIDES IN ROJ!

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