Hmm it’s a hockey kind of week

This week has been majorly OFF for me.

What does that mean? I just don’t feel like myself! Each day I’ve been eating like they’ve just invented food and if I don’t get to it first there won’t be any left!

Ok maybe not that bad, but my cycle of when I’m hungry has shifted to morning and afternoon instead of afternoon and evening and it’s really making me go “HUH?!?!”

Monday I did water aerobics, but it was a very low impact day, after I felt too tired for abs or running so Julie and I chilled in the hottub. Maybe I was in too long because about 20 minutes into total body sculpt I felt like I would just collapse so I cleaned my equipment and went home.

Tuesday I was at Toastmasters. Speaking of…here are some pictures from the contest a few weeks back.

**me with the other evaluators. I have NO clue what I’m looking at?

**I just told John that I should string my certs together for a 3rd place bikini. This is why Rita looks annoyed, John looks like he might explode.

The president of the club (Rita), myself and I believe John is the Area Governor and former president. Also a fellow marathoner! Woot woot!

Wednesday I drove through the snow to meet up with Brian! We went “cruising in the Accord” hmm doesn’t work without the weird accent I say it in…anyway, he just bought a new Accord in this awesome blue color. He thinks it’s a sports car..I think it’s a family car with a mid-life crisis. That doesn’t change the fact that I like it, I just don’t find it sporty.

The two of us went up to The Q for a nice viewing of The Lake Erie Monsters! Sadly, they lost, but I was so excited since this was my first hockey game. James and I used to watch hockey in high school and college…I love it when they hurt each other!

Bobbie was working the game so I got to see her, which was awesome!

Today…I left work “early” AKA on time. Because my head felt cloudy and I felt a little like I might puke. Home again home again and into bed! A good little 1-2 hour nap and I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Let’s just hope I get to sleep here in a minute or too.

Now wait, wasn’t this post something about a THEME? Ok OK you caught me!

I applied for Team Marathon last week, and of course I am loyal to them from 2010 and sincerely HOPE I get to represent them in 2011.

That being said…most people don’t apply for only ONE JOB and so, I also applied for a new team being started this year. Team reGen!

What’s reGen? Aside from being an offical sponsor for the AHL…according to their site:

Powered by natural cocoa and the scientifically-recommended 3 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, reGen™ muscle recovery beverage has been clinically proven to improve muscle recovery by an average of 25 percent compared to the leading carbohydrate and electrolyte beverage1. Distributed by the Apure Foods Company, the reGen™ beverage has also been shown to provide a 9.7 percent average increase in endurance 1. For more information about the reGen™ beverage, including clinical testing background and research study results, visit
The reGen™ beverage is powered by natural cocoa, with more than two tablespoons (12 grams) in each 200-calorie, 11-ounce serving to provide more antioxidant power than that of many superfruits2. Research shows that consuming natural cocoa can help maintain healthy blood flow, which may enhance the delivery of carbohydrates and protein during muscle recovery, and may enable a more efficient removal of the “waste” products produced during exercise that can lead to post-training muscle soreness. 3 Many chocolate-flavored beverages utilize alkalized cocoa, for improved flavor, color and solubility; however, alkalization can significantly reduce cocoa’s antioxidant power. Scientists from the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition™ worked with the reGen™ team to develop a unique patent-pending process that incorporates the large amount of natural cocoa found in each serving of the reGen™ beverage without resorting to the use of alkalized cocoa. The reGen™ beverage also contains the scientifically-recommended 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, optimal for recovery.4 The reGen™ beverage is 99.9% lactose-free and is compliant with NCAA guidelines for nutrition for collegiate athletes. Each serving contains 35 grams of carbohydrates and 11 grams of protein comprised of whey and casein.
Now I LOVE me some chocolate milk after a race…so if this stuff is athletic chocolate milk I am SO GAME! The catch is my closest “market” is Pittsburgh, PA and I dunno if Akron is close enough for them. So check out the product…check out the site…and maybe just maybe you’ll be hearing more about them in the future!

Instead of New Orleans…

As often happens in my life…things did not go as planned. I’m not referring to the little and already known fact of not attending the 2011 American Counseling Association conference. What I am referring to are the plans I made for myself in place of the time I should have been “living it up”.

First allow me to explain something…I was not looking at this as a vacation, although there would have been those aspects. I was looking at this as I have for other state and national conferences I have attended and will attend. A break from my routine, a rejuvenation of my passion. A chance to test my knowledge and ability to interact with other professionals. And yes, maybe, just maybe, secure a job offer…even if it meant leaving the state. I’m not a baby bird anymore and it is time to spread my wings.

Instead, I made plans to capture those same feelings sans $1,000 trip. My supervisor recently asked me to give a presentation on suicide assessment and intervention through the lens of motivational interviewing. I have my licensure exam to study for and I have countless on-line course I need and want to take. On the personal side of things, I have shopping to do and other “fun” things I still plan for next weekend…so it’s a surprise!

What happened? I dunno? Life?

Saturday I woke up before 8. How did this happen? 5 pounds of black and white fuzz with a pink tongue and wiggly tail. My Mom was walking down the hall (I know MAJOR news, right?) Well, for the dog it was life changing. She quickly attempted to dig herself away from my back and out of my covers. In the process of scratching up my back and howling at the EVIL INTRUDER…I woke up. It helped that my Mom yelled “Emme, shhh your Mom is sleeping!”

Out of bed and down the steps. I did a lot of nothing before attempting to take her for a walk. Less than 5 minutes into it and not even half a mile…I decided it was TOO COLD and went home. 9 minute trip, 1/2 mile total. I then changed and went to the Rec Center.

At the Rec I saw my friend Julie. We chatted on the elliptical for a while before she went off to do some boxing and other stuff. I stayed on the machines and did a run/elliptical mix for an hour. Just over 4 miles. Then we went to Zumba. I knew I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t find my balance…broke out into a cold sweat at one point. Rachel was there with us, and although I wanted to go home…I agreed to attend Total Body Tone with her while she killed time waiting for her boyfriend to finish Dodgeball. THEN I finally got to shower and go home!

Once home I really really really wanted to nap. But I had to submit (and organize) both my Mom’s and my data for the Cupcake Marathon. We both finished! Yippie!

By then it was time to get ready to go to Brian’s. I didn’t know what we had planned, but I knew I was going to make him do SOMETHING fun to keep my mind off the vacation that wasn’t. We went out to Applebee’s and then hung out at his place. Sunday we watched The Fighter and a few episodes of The League, a show I love WAY TOO MUCH. And it makes me wish I had a cute, sarcastic, sport loving boyfriend. Specifically one with hilarious friends and weekly antics.

The rest of Sunday was spent on my couch eating everything in sight. Really I don’t know why I was so hungry! Mom and I watched TV, I read a few chapters in my Hunger Games book and I hit the hay!

Did everyone else’s weekend go as planned?

Boom! Pow! SNAP!

How many of you find the need to make sound effects when you’re working out?

I swear water aerobics is such a ridiculous time each week when I get together with the ladies and we just rock out. When we do the side scuttle we make crab noises…OK that we don’t do, we just flutter our fingers. However, we do make sounds with side kicks and scissor kicks and generally any type of kick or punch. In Zumba we sing along and we chant or support our chest shakes….err…shimmies!This week was by FAR my greatest accomplishment in fitness thus far…for totals.

Monday: 60 mins of water aerobics. 20 mins of abs. 60 minutes of total body sculpt.

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: 2 miles on the treadmill. 60 mins of water aerobics. 2 miles on the treadmill. 60 minutes of Zumba

Thursday: 40 minutes of spinning/15 minutes of abs (one class). 45 minutes of yoga.

Friday: 60 minutes of total body tons. 20 minutes of abs. 2 miles on the treadmill.

Tonight I sat back and made a terrible terrible decision. Mom and I were discussing my possible weight loss. My pants nearly fell off at the gym! I swear I look smaller, I know I can DO more and lots of people are commenting on my looks. So, I took a chance and stepped on the scale. As many of you know I refer to weight as “decades”. My deal was, Mom could know the # I did not want to know. See, today I had a rough supervision session and am pouting I am not in New Orleans as I have been planning for a year! I thought knowing my decade would cheer me up. She looked and I stepped off….

I have barely lost ANY weight apparently. As far as the # is concerned. I’m in the SAME decade I started in back in Jan. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? I know I know muscle and all that other stuff. Seriously, I’m dropping pant sizes! Ugg. In fact I told her I didn’t want to know, but should I be upset? And she said, “Yes”.

My big plan for April, until graduation I will not eat anything “crap” related. We shall see how long this lasts. As much as I was disappointed in tonight’s happenings, I can’t lie. I know the scale is not my friend and I know this is why I established the resolution. I never should have tested my system. In my heart I know things are going well. Just look up a few paragraphs at all that information! And really, that’s why I do it…so I can do it and LOVE it!

Now, while I’m not going to wake up in a Hilton with a fluffy cool and soft comforter…(insert picture of the actual type of room I previously had booked)

…and I’m not gonna get my groove on down on Bourbon street…

I do have a few plans for making this a fabulous weekend. So stay tuned for pictures and stories. Remember….NO DOWNSIDES IN ROJ!