Race Report: JCC Indoor Triathlon 2011

Yesterday I spent the day at another indoor tri for the Cleveland JCC. This was the fourth year for the event and I’ve done it every year, each year bringing more and more friends to have a blast with me! See, the beautiful thing about this event is that it isn’t distance based, it’s time based. Everyone in the wave does 15 minutes in the pool, 20 minutes on the spin bike and 20 minutes on the track.

Myself and Keelan, showing off our ink

My goal for the day was to beat my times from last year. Also, to get good pictures. I’m bummed because I didn’t get any pics in the water or on the track…oh well.

I arrived rather late, so I hung out with Pati until Keelan tracked me down. Together we all went over to the pool and got ready for our adventure. The girl next to me checked if I was a good swimmer, and if I was in her age group. The woman to the other side of me had a waterfall of blood coming out her nose. Before I could let her know we were signaled to start. Last year I made 22 laps…I pushed and pushed and pushed. I know how to do a flip turn but the normal stroke was too much for my lungs…I kept flipping over to backstroke. Finally we were chimed to stop and I jogged back to my counter…with an anxious heart I pulled my cap up to her what she had to say…23 laps! SCORE!

Matt making some waves

Next we all went over to the bikes, it felt like this was the LONGEST transition ever. The 3 girls set up together and did a little stretching before the timing began. I loved the music they played and the main hosts recognized me from years past! With more smiles from them and thanking for me always coming back we pushed through the beats. Last year I made 4.4 miles. I kept my little legs going as quickly as I could…and I don’t know what went wrong…but at the end I only made 3.8 miles! Ugg. Now my theory is that normally I sit around like a bump on a log all of Jan and Feb. With this year’s 2 million hour workouts…the legs are just le tired. And I’d rather have consistency than strong performance…or so I tell myself.

Me and my mighty mighty spinning skills

Finally, up the steps and onto the track. HORRIBLE start where no one was sure we began! I started off really really fast…it’s my style. Before lone I lapped a few people, but my ½ way many lapped me back. Keelan took off in front of me and I was SO HAPPY for her! It was her first tri and I know sh was excited/nervous. A final lap around the track and we were both kicking it as hard as we could…but before we could get to the end of the lap, time! I had to grab her as I nearly knocked her over from behind. So much fun! Last year, 23 laps (24 is two miles) this year? 22. UGG. Now mind you that’s 1/12th of a mile off from last year…1/12th!! So what can I do? ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE ANYWAY.

Pati tearing up the track

Afterward we ate food and chatted about how much fun we had. Then Matt and Pati left. Matt is 82 and this was his first tri! AWESOME Matt!! Keelan and I jumped in the steam room and ahhhh was that heaven!

A very happy group of triathletes!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend. Come join us next year!

Ps. OMG did my back hurt that night. Swimming is a great workout…I need to do laps more often.

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