Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail

Does anyone know what prevents mail from being delivered in the US? Aside from holidays?


I don’t think anyone understands exactly how annoyed I am about this lack of a mail box crap. Since I live in a condo I can’t exactly go out and buy a new one. They tell us we’re waiting on a a part? Really did you ship it USPS is that why it’s been OVER A WEEK that it’s been missing? People seriously can’t drive on my street. Proof? In the past few months…in this season alone…we have lost (due to being hit by cars) a newspaper box, a street sign, a stop sign, and the mail box! BOTH sides of the street have been victimized.

It seems odd I would care so deeply about the mail, except my meds are supposed to be in the mail. And I work 30 minutes away…so I can’t get to the desk to pick my mail up! Also, aside from my meds…I’m expecting a very important document…but it’s a surprise…and I know it’s coming…so be prepared for excitement.

Today was my first solo group counseling experience. I was not aware today was the day. My coworker was off sick and suddenly it was “surprise” have a group of women! I was a little nervous…but I went in and everything was fine. 2 hours FLEW by and I felt so comfortable and confident. Mind you there is room for improvement…I wouldn’t be in school otherwise…but all in all I could not have been more pleased with myself.

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  1. Congrats on your first solo session! That's a big step!

    I'm BAFFLED by your stuff getting hit by cars and ruined. REALLY?! That's nuts! Peeps be crazy, yo. Can you use your work or school address instead of home address? I've used work for some things that needed signatures since I knew I'd be there (I had permission to do it).

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