Injury does not mean defeat

I do not think I mentioned this, but last week I started to have some concerning pain in Zumba. I pushed through and finished my week as I wanted…then Sunday night it started to flare up again and by Monday I was in real trouble. What felt like the start of shin splints was setting in and I was not a happy camper. I’ve had the start of shin splints in the past. From what I’ve researched on them there are different degrees based on the root cause of your pain as to how likely you are to heal and how greatly they hurt. The worst and what I’d deam a “real” injury is when you crack or chip or otherwise harm the bone. That is a serious ouchie and one where someone should be seeing a doctor for treatment. Then there are forms of harming the muscle, from bruises to tearing. Tears/rips are bad…bruises…not always.

Monday I went to get into my car for the gym and it was iced over…so I opted for elliptical instead and while I was doing that was sent a text the school closed to to weather anyway. Something didn’t feel right so I stopped at 30 minutes. Tuesday I could barely walk! My shins hurt so so badly! If I touched them I winced and it felt like someone had beat me in my sleep with a lead pipe. I wore my CEP compression sleeves under my pants and did stretching whenever I could. That night I went home and ice/heat treated and rested. ) ;

Wednesday I was able to walk and touch my legs, so I tried to go to water aerobics. I figured it was low impact. Parts of it hurt…but I took it easy. What was amazing to me though and perked my spirits back up…I did push ups against the pool side! See as a class we’re invited to lift ourselves up from the water against the ceramic tile and do what looks like push ups to me. The first week of class I could not even lift myself from the water. Yesterday, not only did I lift myself, but I managed to do slight push ups for the duration of our “time trial” I’d love to be able to do a lower dip and higher lift, however doing them at all was something I never thought I could do. I looked at Ellen and said “Are you gonna make me use even heavier weights on Monday now?”

When it was time to do them in reverse, I managed to lift myself out of the water, but plopped back down after one or two tries. The hard part with that for me is position. You tuck your arms behind you (like the chair dip exercises you’re always seeing) but being short and in the curve of the half circle I just feel off some weeks. There’s always next time though!

My other fave moment of class was when Rachel saw me and lit up (I was about 10 mins late) and says “Oh my Zumba buddy is here, I was afraid I’d be alone”. I did not even realize she would remember I came to the class. Haha I felt like I was invading on her space by tagging along to Zumba, it’s nice to know I’m welcomed and expected? We both skipped though due to feeling overworked.

I tried Zumba tonight…but 40 mins into it I started having issues with my left leg/toes so I stopped. I know can you believe I’m being smart about this? I did a few minutes on the stationary bike…according to the print out the special angle they have works your butt and back of your legs, so I figured it took the pressure off my shin.

I’m hoping it was an overuse thing and I’m back to “normal” ASAP. Remember though, just because one thing is going wrong…doesn’t mean you have to totally throw in the towel. Explore other aspects of your fitness…who knows what windows are opening when a door is shut.

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