Back to gold : The TRIPLE workout!

How many of you have a droid? How many use Cardio Trainer? Who wants to exchange FB or google info so we can track each other? lol. OK so for those of you who do not use it, it’s this rather interesting app for tracking your fitness. I’m not too sure about how accurate it is, and so for my own sanity I always plug in what’s lower than it wants to give me. For example if it says I burned 600 cals in an hour doing something and I feel that was high (perhaps because I know my effort was on the low end) I will put it in for 45 minutes and 400 cals. It’s a mind game I play with myself, but if I think I’ve burned fewer cals than I really have I’ll work harder, right?

As you read different calorie levels within a 7 day period (not just Sun-Sat but whatever day you’re on then the most recent 7) it gives you different medals or badges or whatever on your phone. You go from red to green to blue to brown to silver to gold…or something like that…so I’m addicted to beating my friends…specifically my Mom and staying gold.

OK. Today’s story starts with this morning…I woke up and despite the glorious amounts and types of food I consumed the night prior, I was not sick. I did not have that “sluggish” feel to me. Amazingly enough when I got dressed everything FIT! In fact I stood in front of the mirror admiring how I was starting to get some definition between my boobs and tummy. Nice medical terms huh? And don’t lie ladies, we make up places to lose weight just to feel we’ve accomplished something! I noticed my “pouch” wasn’t as bad either.

Tonight I went to the gym and felt GOOD about myself, like the first week I was there! Part of that might be because I’m making friends with some of the other girls who go to the water work out. I wore a new (used from last year) suit and was psyched. Well, after resting in the hot tub, pre-gaming it…or something, I went to get out and heard a horrid sucking sound. I looked down and my suit’s elastic or something has bit the dust. This thing was glued to me, leaving NOTHING to the imagination…oh THAT’S where my breasts hang…nice. I got back into the main pool as quickly as possible to do the workout…but OUCH when we ran or jumped, the girls went anywhere and everywhere!! I spent a large portion of the workout with my arms crossed against my chest. It was funny.

Oh and I know this is what most people think of when I say water aerobics…but trust me, it’s a good time!

After swim (which apparently was about 300 cals) I jumped in the shower to rid myself of chlorine and hurried upstairs. 15 minutes later I was on my back. (oow-oow) Haha. Lifting a balance ball and flipped onto it a few moments later to throw my lower body in the air, while I balanced on my arms…more of a bounce really. I nearly puked 3 times! We did all sorts of crazy abs work for about 20 mins..I KNOW I’ll feel that tomorrow.

Next was Total Body Sculpt…a new class for me. I was so stoked..yes I said stoked…because we used a stepping thingy. What’s a stepping thingy? THIS

I have never used one in a work out and have ALWAYS wanted to. We also used two sets of weights, a weighted bar, the balance ball and a bunch of other crap. Another HOUR of hard core land aerobics. Again, I nearly puked. Exciting stuff. My favorite, was when we used to bar on the wall for pull ups. It’s dance bar so about waist level. We got on the ground with a partner standing in front of us…they held our ankles and we did pull ups. I DID ALL 10!! And at the END of 2 hours of working out. Yikes!!

So according to cardio trainer that was about 600 cals…and I believe it this time! ( ;

I did a triple work out…and Cardio Trainer says I’m back in the gold for the past 7 days. Woot woot. No more sleeping issues, no more breathing issues, I’m taking the elevator all the way to the top, baby! Next stop, 6-pack and single digit jeans!

5 thoughts on “Back to gold : The TRIPLE workout!

  1. HA ha!! The swim suit thing cracked me up! So been there! I found you through your comment over at SUAR…

    I used to teach water aerobics! My class of little old ladies hated but loved me! I would work them out so hard! If I missed a week of teaching, the following week my calves would be screaming! It's a good workout! I would go from teaching H2Ox to my run and it made my run tough!

    Love your blog! I'm enjoying poking around!

  2. Hi! I didn't know how to respond to your comment on the OKC report!! you must do it!! It was the best race I have done to date!! And I love that you would get a chuckle when they hand you the strange sponge! I thought I was supposed to suck on it! So weird! =)

    Your comment about hours, internship and client hours caught my attention! I thought you were probably a therapist of some sort! I got my MS in Mental Health Counseling. I lack about 300 hours until I get my full license. OH SWEET DAY! Ugh! Such a long road but well worth it! I love my job and the flexibility it gives me, especially to train!

  3. Nice triple!

    I have 2 HRMs, but love my Timex best. It's a chest strap, but really comfortable. I wanted a wrist one, but they're no where near as accurate and I wanted something I could trust. I think “Mio” was the best non-strap brand I could find. I don't even notice the Timex chest strap anymore though. It's thin so I don't feel really restricted by it.

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