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Recently I had a friend send me a link to a very interesting site. I hope this isn’t my latest “Oh something shiny” discovery, but in case it is I should share it with all of you as soon as possible.

The site is mainly a research study, your data is used by some PHD for his studies. However, it doesn’t seem to be invasive or overly involved. You pick a “trail” to get across America. My account only gave me one option (perhaps because of my home state?) and I started in VA. You pick Cycling, Running, and/or Walking mileage goals for the year/week. You can opt to have emails sent if you miss your goal, if you complete a state, if a virtual partner (or real) passes you and/or if you do not log miles for a set number of days…and a few other options. Currently I have it set for running and cycling to track my miles. I’ll never cross America on wheels or feet alone (or so I think) but maybe using both I can come close? There is an option to show progress for all activities or progress based on one type. You can compare where you are at using feet versus wheels. Let’s face it Ohio + snow = not biking for some of us (cough-cough). I don’t want to count gym related fitness if not needed.

As you log your miles (it reminds me of Active Trainer) you will have a picture and a note telling you how far you’ve traveled, what it looks like where you are, and how far to your next check-in point. Currently I am here:

untitled (1)

6 miles to go before reaching Williamsburg, VA.

Who wants to join me on a trip across America?

7 thoughts on “Tools to Keep You Active

  1. This is a really strange (in a good way) and fascinating idea!! Going across country without ever leaving your computer. Lol. 😛

    I am definitely going to check it out. If I make an account I'll let you know. 🙂

  2. I think it's so cool!!! Be sure to remember it only calculates to the tenth spot (i.e. .1, .3, .5) so a .29 would only count as .2.

  3. I love this website. Started on it about 2 years ago. I won't tell you how far I am as it's quite embarrassing. Hey, life got in the way there for a bit. But, I am back up and running again.

  4. I love the site too. I started in September. I chose walking. I am now in Missouri after starting in Virginia and I hope to finish within about 2 years.

    • I haven’t used it myself in a very long time. I tried to go to the site today and it seems it won’t load. All stories on it seem to be over a year old too. Hopefully it’s just a glitch, I did have fun with it back in the day. I use too many other tracker and sites now.

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