Race Report: Run for Regis

Today I attempted my first Run for Regis half marathon. Regis is designed as a “fun run” in that although there are 3 advertised distances (half, full and 50K) they honor all distances. The race is done over in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (you’ve probably seen me abbreviate CVNP). This is the same area I ran Shatter the Silence 10K and we used parts of the same trails. MUCH of the portion I did was the same as the training run Gale and I did over the summer. Anyway…there are two lollipop shaped loops. Essentially one loop is 8 miles the other loop is 5 miles. You do whatever combination you want for whatever distance desired. Everyone pays the same amount, everyone gets the same shirt at the end, no age group or overall awards. The shirt doesn’t even have a distance on it…for me this is a very low motivator to do more than the minimum. (haha).

So the night before I was totally ready! I’ve been working out, I’ve been eating right and I took the time to find all my stuff and lay it out. I even remembered to charge my Garmin! I woke a lil before 6:30 was out the door before 7 and was bibbed and had “little hotties” in my gloves and shoes and lined up by 7:30. Actually the hand warmers I put in my pockets not my gloves so I didn’t really use them (boo) the toe warmers were amazing. I hate having anything below my feet, and the last time I used them I put them toward the laces and ended up with huge bruises where my toes meet the top of my foot. OUCHIE. I was told to try something else. I placed JUST ONE on the top of my shoe, as far down as it would go, so basically where the vent is, so it would be right above my toes. Not only did it not squish my foot, but it blocked wind and snow from going into the top vented area. (JOY) along with my 3 pairs of pants, two pairs of socks and gaitors I was snow and ice free!

On top I had my sports bra, a long sleeve tech shirt, a long sleeve tee shirt, a fleece vest and a puffy coat (not too puffy). Then ear warmers and a hat (fleece) and I was good to go! I honestly did not feel cold the whole time I was out there…and given I walked pretty much the whole thing, I do not know if I would have been too warm at any point.

We started on time and I went toward the left with the other half marathon people. A few hundred feet into it I learned Gale was in the bathroom and I waited for her to catch up. We stayed together for the first mile, actually running, but then I started losing my footing and couldn’t keep up. I totally forgot to put screws in my shoes or buy yaxtrax. trail shoes + tons and tons of snow = slippery death rocks. ) ; I met up with a nice woman named Karen from Youngstown and we walked together. She was recovering from an injury…and was happy to be doing the 8. I kept waffling between wanting to do “the whole thing” and being happy with anything. She kept my spirits up. I tried not to look at Garmin, but I recall looking at 3.6 sortly after she made a comment about the time. We were NOT EVEN half way done and I felt crappy. A little after that she made progress past me and I chugged along. See I made a fatal mistake. This was winter in northeast ohio and these were snow covered trails of death!!! Allow me to show you a wonderful formula I have learned many many times and keep forgetting.water + food = super happy fun time run(no) food + hours of exposure = !#$%”>!*

Haha. Yea, I did not see the first aid station until more than 2.5 hours into this adventure. I luckily had water, but I needed more than water for that many hours. Oh well. Also, I was alone and despite being warm, being alone sucks. I was massively lonely and with low blood sugar and a stressful week I was a little black cloud of pout. Another luckily, people kept passing me and saying wonderful and nice things. The best part of trail running, no one I have met is competitive. They are supportive and friendly to a maximum degree. They don’t care if you drop, they don’t care if you win. They only care that you’re having a good time. The good spirits kept me up.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t miserable the whole time. And truthfully my mood never stayed the same the whole mile, each mile. MOST of the time I was just sorta out there, doing my thing. A few times I was miserable, and a few times I was actually having a lot of fun. I thoughts to myself “HOW in the world am I doing another marathon this fall?” And I told myself, that’s 8 months away and look how much you’ve grown in only 3 weeks of consistent training…you can totally do this..and that!

At the end I was pleased to be done…even if I “only” did 8 miles! It took me 3 hours and 19 minutes to do those miles. I do not feel cheated I do not feel like a failure. I worked so hard that whole time, it was a challenge and honestly one I never could have done any other January of my life. If I’m around Ohio next year, I would do it again (if I don’t go do Disney). I love my bright green shirt, it has thumb holes and it fits!

After the race I had chili and talked to Stephe for a while and even say Niall. Oh and I saw the amazing photographer Nick Billock…The scenery shots are his not mine!

To end, here is a chart of the elevation…looking at this I can see why I slowed for the second half…it was a climb back to the finish. Go me!

It was an interesting run/hike/jog/something and I’d say if you’re up for a new experience, come out and try it some year. For now…that whole blanket+heat+cuddling things is sounding better than ever! Bring on the puppy love!

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  1. I know a friend who did this. I give you both mad props to run any miles outside in Ohio in January! Thought had I known about this fun run I may have made the trip home to partake.

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