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It occurred to me the other day this blog has become a bit of a liar…and by extension does that make ME a liar? I checked this with my Mom and she said she too felt my blog was a liar…but she was very supportive in saying she did not think it would remain a liar for long. Thanks Mom!

See, ROJ isn’t presenting much of a multisport lifestyle…not unless you consider life itself a multisport. Honestly, I don’t. Sure, my days can be filled with 100 obstacles and I often wonder how I deal with all of it, but at the end of the day…I still don’t feel I measure up many of the amazing men and women I follow.

I DO plan to change though. I plan to get back into doing multipsorts at least for FUN if not for competition. Who says you can only do bricks for a tri or du? Sure, I’d like to do some of those still, but I’m just looking for variety and fun. Swimming, cycling, running, yoga, Zumba, snowshoe…all things I want to do because they’re FUN. I started liking running again when I stopped trying to win…maybe I should do the same for other events.

It has been nearly a week since New Year’s. While I was quite upset at the time that I didn’t have any plans, I reminded myself it was ONE night…and I had other things to enjoy. Mom told me when I left for the 5K not to come home unless I brought back a new attitude. Haha.

Well, the 5K was a lot of fun. I’ve never been in shape for it, never really went into it thinking of it as a race. I’ve run it 3 times now…maybe 4? One year I had JUST had my wisdom teeth removed and it HURT so bad to have the icey wind on my mouth. Another year sister and I took the pups and Emme pooped out after a mile. I ran 2 miles with a dog in my arms. This year I went about 1/2 a mile with my sis before pulling away for a good “run”. Too bad I didn’t take my asthma meds the day before…I’m terrible with pills! So when I got to the top of one of the many hills, I was choking. Lesson learned. My time was around 38 minutes. Seriously? That’s RUNNING? Oh well, more like a strenuous JOG. Luckily the weather was AWESOME. I mean shorts and tee type weather in OHIO. Yikes. After, sister and I grabbed some food and chatted before she had to get home to her man.

The following are 2 “resolutions” I made for the year

1. I want to RUN a marathon. Not walk it, not survive it. I want to really train for something…and once I’m out of school I should be able to do that! I’m looking for a fall marathon. I thought about putting my name in the drawing for the NIKE race in CA, but not sure if I can afford CA on a first year’s salary. Instead I’m looking at two different runs in Utah. Park City (which gives a lovely wind catcher medal) and Mom said she’d come and do the half. Another bonus is my family lives less than an hour away sooo no hotel cost. A downside? Apparently there are a few hills on this course. My other options is Top of Utah. I fell in love with the description and also I’m kinda all about having a moose on my medal. This also has a 1/2 so I can probably get Mom to go. Logan is 2 hours away so we would need a hotel. I wonder if any of my other friends would go? Still, cost of flying may be an issue. We shall see.

Here are pictures of past medals for Park City and Top of Utah


2. I have decided this is the year I do not get on a scale. I’m so tired of weighing myself and feeling like CRAP because of some dumb # on a piece of metal and plastic. Sure, I’ll have my check-in for my Dr’s appt in July, but other than that…I don’t wanna see what I weigh. If my clothes don’t look good I’ll work out and eat better, if I don’t feel “good” I’ll work out and eat better. So many times I feel GREAT about myself…then someone looks at me funny or makes a comment and I run home to jump on the scale only to confirm they are right for being disgusted by me. And I’m tired of it. From now on it’s about what I want and how I feel. We shall see how this plays out…

On a final note…I’d like to share my 2011 training (so far). I’m following a plan to get me “ready” for around April/May when I will start my REAL training. Of course I also printed the gym schedule for school. We all know I can’t stick with something too long! oops!

Fri: I ran the 5K with my sis and Gale and a few other friends I saw!

Sat: Mom and I went walking with Emme…this was about 40 minutes of walk/jog

Sun: 30-40 mins on the ellip

Mon: Rest Day

Tues: 25 min “easy run” around the neighborhood with Emme

Wed: Rest day

Today I had lunch with my friend Keelan…since it snowed while we were hanging out it took 1.5 hours to make a 30 minute drive home! Yikes! Totally worth it though…I had such a nice time with her. She has to be an awesome counselor because she has this natural ability to just make you feel happy when you’re with her. When she talks about herself it feels like she’s adding to the convo not just changing the subject. She also floors me with all she does. We all know I’m guilty of ageism (kinda) in that I judge those who are younger than me. No judging her! She’s 23, is a licensed counselor, lives on her own (well roomie) and is working on her PHD. On top of having a great personality and being SO PRETTY too! I have to stop gushing now, she reads this and will think I’m crazy. Haha. Oh and we’re gonna be XBOX buddies!

Needless to say, working out was delayed, as I searched for ACA hotels and paid bills. I am BEYOND happy to report…I found a hotel! The discounted rate was 225.00 a night. I found the same hotel for nearly HALF that price on You bet I booked it! I’m so beyond excited to be staying not only in a HILTON but the headquarters hotel. No walking 3-5 blocks to get to the sessions for this lady. All I have to take is an elevator. SCORE!

Hope everyone is enjoying this first week of 2011.

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  1. Those are great resolutions. I have no doubt you'll be able to run the marathon. You are always amazing me with your motivation and growing success. 🙂 As for the scale one, get rid of it. That's what I did last year. I haven't stepped on a scale since 2009. I don't even WANT to know how much I weigh. My clothes tell me everything. :S

    I wish you the best 2011 ever, girl! xoxo

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