Baby I’m a rockstar

So I had another awesome week of working out! According to Cardio Trainer I have burned over 5,000 cals this month! Go me! Now as long as my ass gets the memo. No no. I was actually thinking about this leaving the gym the other night. I like just about every part of my body…yes I like to look at myself in the mirror. Not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m rather darn cute! So anyway…there are two parts of my body I don’t like. 1) My lower tummy (the pouch area) 2) Directly below my butt where my legs start…I swear it’s all cellulite-y. Maybe I’m crazy. Everything else is between OK to awesome.

OK so after Run for Regis here is what the other days involved…

Mon: I couldn’t walk. Here is my very talented picture of myself and where it hurt. It ONLY hurt on the outside of my legs…is that an area?

Untitled (2)

The outside of between shins and calves? Shrug. So I skipped working out. Also I had food poisoning or something…not pretty.

Tues: This morning I had a little “issue”. All I’ll say is there is an issue chicks deal with that dudes do not. So that night I got on the ellip for what I thought was 30 mins. I started watching Law & Order and thought it was only 30 mins long, an hour later and still feeling like I had food poisoning…I was done! After I went to Toastmasters.

Wed: I went to the gym and despite the issue…I did water aerobics. It was another awesome experience. A lot more people my age too. One girl in the lockerroom even asked me about the class and said I made it sound so great she was going to try it some time. They should PAY me for that referral! Kidding.

Thurs: Did the spinning class, got there early for some extra miles. 22 miles 66 minutes. We did a lot of jumps, which I do not like. BUT I was a big girl and I adjusted my stuff correctly and I hate to admit it, but it worked better (grumble). I certainly liked this instructor’s style a lot more. I’m thinking of doing the pool Mon and Wed then spinning Tues and Thurs. Starting in Feb I add on another class after each of them…as much as I can.

Now it is Friday and a rest day. Rest day also means nice hot bath day. I went to training for de-escalation training for work. It was OK, if not actually a waste of time. I don’t think I like the training this center offers. I probably won’t go to anymore unless forced. Topic was great, but the place was FREEZING.

Oh and I leave you with a music video. We heard this song during spinning, during a really rough section and there was just something about the undertone of it that made me wanna push through.

How is everyone else doing with their fitness? I feel great about it and it’s helping me stay stress free at work…OK stress reduced.

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