Wendy’s “Natural Cut” Fries Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard how Wendy’s is in the process of updating their menu. I became aware of this quite some time ago when I read a newspaper article about the company who owns Wendy’s. Yes, I read the paper and yes, it was for fun and not for school. At this time I learned or was reminded that Wendy’s and Arby’s are connected and this makes sense for how one place will carry something and the other will not. Why compete against yourself? Those of us in Ohio can relate to this logic the way Geauga Lake/ Six Flags (as you remember it) was bought by Cedar Fair. Give it a few years and poof buh-bye GL, Cedar Point doesn’t like competition.

Not the point…so anyway. At this time I learned Wendy’s was trying to focus on their image of being the “healthier” option. And I had heard from many people how they see Wendy’s as being a better option. Not as greasy or gross. Still, things on their projected menu? New salads and new fries. I didn’t care about the salads, anything healthy always goes away and I’m left sad…but the fries interested me. I like Wendy’s fries…they were chunky and squishy and perfect for putting in the frosty! I read the new fries would be thicker cut and have skin. I imagined the type of fries I get at some restaurants and became quite excited! Years passed and I forgot about this article….

Until recently when I saw the commercials and read more clips online. I did a few more searches and found they are trying to aim the product at “foodies” and those feeling “healthy”. Read a little more and you’ll find the nutrition facts in these new fries are NOT better for you. If you like to read more about it…I suggest trying

Yahoo! News.
Spark People. Great break down on the change in nutrition facts

I went out last week and bought some. Here is a picture of them chilling at my desk.

So what do I think of the fries I’ve been waiting years to try? They are FAR better for eating on their own. I do NOT like this. I loved that I didn’t care about tossing the fries in the past, loved how I felt better about not eating the “bad for me” food. Now, they’re yummy. I’ve liked sea salt items in the past, so I didn’t notice the change in flavor or as my coworkers pointed out…the smell. I didn’t notice a smell at all in fact. They don’t feel as greasy, so that could be good if you’re driving and eating. However, they would NOT be good in a frosty. Above all this, if I wanted to eat a fry I’d go to a different place. Wendy’s wasn’t meant to have high quality fries, they are meant to have fat lil squishy fries to put in your frosty. IMHO. So yea, they’re good, but I want the old fries back.

5 thoughts on “Wendy’s “Natural Cut” Fries Review

  1. Oooh I'm really glad you reviewed the new fries because I have been too scared to attempt them yet. Sigh.

    Well, I'm glad they're good, but it makes me sad that they are not frosty-friendly. I'm a little surprised Wendy's would turn its back on one of their quirks like that. I mean, that is what set Wendy's apart from all the other burger joints and now it's GONE. :S

    I love sea salt…but I'm going to miss those fries, like you. Too bad they can't (or won't) sell both! 🙁

  2. I tried the new fries. I was really excited for them too…but I was dissapointed when mine tasted like old greaase. I might (in another month or two) try a different location because I have not given up hope on these fries yet. But the ones I got tastes like they took a sauna with a bunch of chicken nuggets and as a vegetarian I was not fond of that. Shouldn't they have to cook them in their own grease??

  3. those commercials drive me crazy because they aren't any healthier but the commercial is trying to seem like they are. Heck I'll still eat them the rare times I go Wendy's but I'm sure going to miss the old frosty dipping fries.

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