Two more days until the fat man arrives

Wow it’s been quite a minute or two since I checked in. I took a few days off from work and I got lost in peace and relaxation. What did I do since I last checked in?

Thursday was my first day off. I got up and went to the dentist where I found out I had a bunch of plaque on the bottom inside of my teeth. Normally I would feel gross saying this, but it’s because of the g-d braces!! Grrr. However, the dentist office side are now my favorite people, because they stopped the bleeding!! I’ve been bleeding every time I brush my teeth for months! The braces people said it was normal. Ugg. It doesn’t make you want to brush your teeth that’s for sure! They told me it was because of the plaque and I just need to floss and get a water pick. I have not bled at all since then! I don’t feel sick 100% of the time from the blood in my tummy. Sorry new topic…

I spent the rest of the day with Fable 2. I’m a little late on the uptake of the game, I know, but I’m having a blast! I’m seriously addicted to this game. I dream about it! Yikes! Friday was more playing games and not doing too much. Sat I went and judged for debate. It was Stow’s turn so I did not get paid (haha) but it was fun. I wasn’t aware of the topic and the first kid spoke so quickly I had NO IDEA what he was talking about! We had 4 rounds. The topic was basically….should the use of illegal drugs be dealt with as a matter of public health? Or with the legal system? Feel free to put in your own two cents. As a future counselor, I personally am biased…but don’t worry! I gave the win to the kid who debated better and it wasn’t always the kid I agreed with! After debate I picked up a new pair of jeans and went back home for a nap. Made Brian a decoration, but didn’t get to take it over. Here is a picture. I made him NOEL blocks. However, in my family we always arrange them to say LEON. The pic is two sets of blocks, the set I made for myself, and his set. His has smaller printing, I thought they would look more elegant that way….but when I did get them to his house, they didn’t look too fabulous so I felt bad.


Sunday I played Fable, watched the Browns lose, and had dinner at my grandparent’s house. They were given a TV for Xmas, which was great fun and excitement for all involved. There was some vanilla scented thing though that made me sick so I went home early.

Monday Mom and I spent some time together and I managed to get some new pieces for our village. We now have a man feeding goats, a parent handing out gingerbread men, a popcorn booth and a gingerbread house contest. AWESOME!! Later that night I went over to give Brian his decoration and gift. I was partially annoyed (in a funny way) because he guessed every gift before opening it! Grrr. Not sure if that means he’s a good guesser or I’m a bad gift giver. But he seemed to like them regardless. He got Final Fantasy for xbox (the last one to come out for that system), a Dr Who poster, a bouncy ball and a comic book. I also was given a gift! Yippie happpy times! As it turns out, he doesn’t suck!! And he’s a good listener! I know it’s amazing!! He got me my “crazy” stuffed animal! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It’s so soft and the little story that comes with it is FUNNY!

Here is Dolly!

Dollly_1_b_frei Dolly_1 Dolly_2

Today we have a breakfast party at work and a lunch party. Even if we’re busy at least we won’t be hungry.

Friday is a Xmas Eve breakfast at my Aunt’s…then Xmas at my house. Then a week of nothing…well working nothing…and then…the 30th is my LAST day at Comunale. I become unemployed starting in 2011. Stay turned for 2011 Resolutions and plans or recap.

Have a safe and Happy Christmas to all celebrating.

Love You <3

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  1. I vote public health, but I'm Canadian and so I'm biased too LOL.

    What a great stuffed animal! Too funny!!

    Sounds like you had a relaxing week. Have a GREAT holiday! 🙂

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