Tis the Season

Tonight I was reminded about why I personally celebrate Christmas.

Lately I’ve been annoyed with the “Mine is bigger” mentality this time of year often takes on. In ways of decorating, in ways of gift giving, in ways of holier than thou proclamations. I am NOT a terrible person for spelling it “Xmas” and I’m not a terrible person for not saying or for saying “Happy Holidays”. I don’t do these things to offend those who are not religious, and I do not say these things to offend those who are and think anyone who is a part of the process without kissing baby Jesus is on a one way ticket to somewhere warmer than it is currently in Ohio!

Why do I celebrate the season? Honestly, it’s the way I was brought up. I don’t think about any deep meaning and if I think about it I realize how much it applies to a number of people anyway. Yes, I know it’s about Jesus’ birth for some. I also know for others it’s about yule logs and the winter solstice. It’s about a tradition placed on a ancient pagan celebration to make converting an easier process.I see Xmas as quite commercialized…and I recently learned that there is Boxing Day in Canada…for boxing up gifts for those less fortunate? Kudos friends up north! Let’s get with that here too USA!

I digress. I celebrate this time of year because it brings me joy to allow myself to show others what they mean to me. To find the perfect gift, the perfect token of my appreciation for them being in my life. A way to celebrate the bond we’ve formed. What could be more special? It’s a time for wrapping up with blankets and egg nog, staring at the lights and the snow and feeling like you have a place in the world and the world has a place in your heart. It’s cheesy I know, but it’s my life. It’s usually been the time of year school slows down and I’m having a chance to just be me…and no one really goes out so it’s low key in the evenings. I read books and play video game or watch movies. When I have someone special I cuddle.

So what made tonight special? 1) I wrapped my first gifts of the season! 2) I delivered my giving tree gifts. I have done the Angel Tree for several years now. And I always put great care into my gifts. I find toys and clothes and games and books I think a child would like, not just something to get as a gift. In some cases these gifts are the nicest things they get all year, maybe the only thing to be theirs…maybe the few things that a NEW and I can’t take that lightly. So I drove in the snow to the Salvation Army to drop off my book, baby doll, Barbie, dress, coat, and new pants and sweater for my lil 6yo angel I picked out! When I arrived…the place was closed!! And today was the last day for drop off! Oh no! Luckily as I was walking around the building the cleaning crew saw me. A nice man offered to leave my stuff at the lower office for them to take care of in the morning! How sweet?! As I left he told me “Merry Christmas and God Bless you”. And I didn’t think of all the ways this could be offensive, instead I realized all this man was saying is…”thanks” in his own language. I said “You too” and got back in my car.

America we have this issue with language barriers. We think our default is the best, the “right” way. We think others should speak our tongue or at least learn both. Few people ever take the time to consider learning something from someone “different”.

This Christmas…or whatever you celebrate…stop trying to make things “perfect” stop trying to make everyone the same or conform! If you don’t wanna say it, don’t, but don’t fault someone else for trying to share LOVE and HAPPINESS and JOY! Seriously? Of all the silly things people put up a fight about…trying to make someone’s day brighter is just about the biggest waste of complaining I’ve ever heard. Shush your mouths and say “thanks” or “you too”.

Let someone tell you to have a good day in their own way, it may be the greatest gift you give this year…and it’s free and 100% your own.

3 thoughts on “Tis the Season

  1. I've never heard of Boxing Day being used that way up here, but it's a great idea!!

    Good on you for the Angel Tree. I LOOOVE doing that. I was too slow this year and all the tags were gone by the time I got to the Y. I guess that's a win all around though 🙂

  2. This is one of the best posts I've read in a long time, Julie. You seem to be one of the only people with real Christmas spirit. Because whether you celebrate the holiday religiously or not, the holiday season is a time to celebrate love and joy and family and friends.

    This time of year gets really stressful for me and I get really bitter. But after reading this, it made me realize how petty I can be. I need to surround myself with more people like YOU. xoxo

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