The Year Nothing Fit

I suppose I’m obligated to do a “what I did for Xmas” post. So, let’s do it!

Sadly, this was the first year I did not make crazy creative cookies…I just never felt a spark for what to do! Sister came over on Xmas Eve and we watched movies before going to bed. She shared about what her boyfriend got her as gifts…which made me jealous because I want a super cool (JEWISH) boyfriend to buy me a ton of stuff! Kidding….kinda.

In the morning kids, Mom and pets all opened gifts.

Based on my list here is how things went:

1. Fleece vests. Mom gave me (2) both of which were too large so they’re on their way back currently.

2. Necklaces. I received (3) very LOVELY necklaces. A red/pink. A Brown/Cream and a Blue/Green/Purple. The last is my fave, because I almost bought it for myself.

3. Speedway gift card (gas). Did not get one…don’t really care.

4. ASICS Gel-Trail Sensor® 4. Did not get these, that’s OK too. I just asked to have a list.

5. Lego play set…something fun like a castle! Did not get Lego’s, Mom felt a 26YO does not need Legos (and they’re pricey). Not gonna lie, I was SUPER bummed about not getting Legos.

6. Electric toothbrush. Probably my fave gift!! I’ve been brushing my teeth like it’s my job. I LOVE the way they feel!

7. Bath Sheet. Mom gave me (2) Emme would like to adopt them.


8. Space heater. Nope. Mom decided my one will be enough when I leave hahaha.

9. Stuffed animals with DSM-IV issues. Check! Got my Dolly as previously shown

10. Stuffed animals of diseases. None…kinda bummer about this too…will probably buy one on my own.

11. Long Johns. Sister got me a pair…they’re too big.

12. Netflix subscription. Nope but eh who cares?

13. Spa certificate. Sister got me one of these too! Woot!

14. Counseling books. Both for fun read and treatment planners. Oh look the one is on KINDLE maybe if I had a kindle I could carry it with me to internship and look up what to do! ( ; I left the whole description, because Mom read this and took it to mean I needed a Kindle. I have been playing with this all weekend and I LOVE it. Very awesome and unexpected gift.

14 (15). Quality time. I miss my friends. Someone should have told me I can’t count! SO far I haven’t seen any friends and no one has been calling me back all too often. Oh well. I get to see Andrew next Sunday!

Along with the list items I was also given.

-silverware for my new place
-new PJs with footies and a butt flap
-2010 Xmas Barbie (I collect them)
-New purple peacoat (too small, being exchanged)
-Xmas quilt from grandma!

If I forgot anything it isn’t because I didn’t like it. I enjoyed all my gifts. Most of all I enjoyed how everyone got along this holiday and I didn’t find myself begging for the work week to start again!

3 thoughts on “The Year Nothing Fit

  1. Glad you found my blog! I love making new blog friends!!! What exactly are you studing in school? I got my BSW then my MSW. I really enjoy it. I've worked at my current place for just over two years and it's great. It's pretty cool to actually love your job.

  2. Sounds like you got a lot of awesome presents, you lucky girl! 😉 The necklaces sound lovely and how exciting you got an electric toothbrush. I've been using one for YEARS and I will never go back (unless I'm camping or something, lol). It really does wonders…

    I hope you have a great New Year as well. xoxo

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