The Case of the Missing Comments

Today I had the following conversation

Me: What did you mean when you said you commented on the page?

Gale: On the actual bog page. A lot of people comment on there

Me: No they don’t….I never get comments


Apparently, I am not getting comments left on my actual blog. Has anyone else had this issue? If you’re not Jenn, Meg, Jamie, or Amanda then I have not seen a comment from you on this blog for the past month+

This upset me greatly, because as much as I love blogging I hate feeling like no one ever reads or comments. Now I learn people comment, and see LOTS of other comments I never see them? I checked my settings, nothing in spam, nothing to filter them out. I want my comments!


3 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Comments

  1. Are you missing needing to approve some? Did you check your “comments moderation” page? You can also see number of comments if you go to “Edit posts.” On the right hand side you'll see links for comments with each post.

    I'd be so upset if I couldn't see any comments left!

  2. In my case, my blog disappeared completely! But it turned out that there was just some temporary glitch in Blogger's system. Perhaps we have the same case? Read my story about what happened to my blog, and you might figure out what went wrong in yours. Thanks!

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