Christmas List: Version 1

I may not make another full version. Here is what I’ve come up with so far with about 3 weeks of shopping left. Now before I am accused of being greedy I am making a random list. I don’t NEED anything and I am very thankful for that fact! It’s hard to make a list of things you “want” when you’re already so happy and lucky! With that in mind…the list. Also if you know me feel free to say “Julie! You forgot XYZ you WANT that!” and I’ll say ohhhh yeahhh and add it to version two.

Also. I totally “adopt” giving tree angels because nothing is more special on Christmas than helping a child feel special. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas…hopefully you are not offended by this post.

1. Fleece vests. With pockets. These are great not just for running, but for keeping warmer around the house. And paired with the right scarf and slacks can totally be pulled off at the office.

2. Necklaces. Anything to spruce up a sweater.

3. Speedway gift card (gas). I’m going to be super broke next semester…I need gas money the most! According to MINT I spend nearly 200 dollars on gas a month! Yikes!

4. ASICS Gel-Trail Sensor® 4. Sz 7. I mostly love these shoes for the color. I’ll probably get a pair of these and my Brooks since I love them and switch it up here and there.

5. Lego play set…something fun like a castle! My life is all about school and work and professionalism. I can’t party without fear of seeing a client I have to keep social networks on lock down. I just wanna be a kid and have fun and legos can do that for an afternoon.

6. Electric toothbrush. I hear good things about these…both for normal people and us braced folks.

7. Bath Sheet. No it’s really called this. It is a towel on crack. I love bath time I love being warm…I love towels built for 3.

8. Space heater. I have one..I need more. Both to keep the basement and my room warm(er) but also when I get my own place I can keep the heating bills down.

9. Stuffed animals with DSM-IV issues. I REALLY REALLY want Brian to get me one of these…but he sucks so he won’t HAHA. The snake and the sheep are my faves

10. Stuffed animals of diseases…isn’t malaria cute?

11. Long Johns for under my clothes at work (we don’t have heat)

12. Netflix subscription…can someone pay for this for me?

13. Spa certificate…like for wraps or facials or massage or sauna time

14. Counseling books. Both for fun read and treatment planners. Oh look the one is on KINDLE maybe if I had a kindle I could carry it with me to internship and look up what to do! ( ;

14. Quality time. I miss my friends…I want coupon books. I want people to make plans with me and keep them…I just wanna feel connected and special to my friends again.

One thought on “Christmas List: Version 1

  1. I can get on board with almost all of this. I'd rather journal articles than a Tx book though. I'm also horrible at puzzles so a lego kit would drive me nuts. I'm more of a create-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl.

    But spa? Heck yeah. I just bought new long johns (amazing and only $14!), Netflix is awesome, and bath sheets rock my world. Add some super high thread count sheets and it's my dream list!

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