First day of HBBC points

I’m not motivated to write my paper right now, which is bad, so I think if I write this entry I will be more willing to get with the typing. I’m cuddled up to my heater in the crazy cold basement. Even my dog is down here sleeping when she has company. Yes, the dog has company. So it’s apparently a lazy type of day!

As the slacker I am I never told you about the 5 mile trail #2 run from last week (was it only last week?) it was nice. I felt like I was really pushing myself and was going to come in under my previous time, but in the end I was 2 minutes over! Yikes! I ran with Gale and she was still recovering from the Bobcat Marathon so we trotted along and talked and enjoyed the day. In the end I didn’t care about the time on the clock, although I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly put off by not doing better.

Sunday I spent the afternoon at the Brown’s game. Since preseason doesn’t count…this was my first real football game. Browns VS Jets and it went into overtime. It was a really exciting game and I was glad I went. Like most sports it’s better live, but also I need(ed) to watch TV games to better understand all the details. Given the chance I’d go again.

The last week has been spent doing an array of things. Sun night I began to feel a little under the weather. By Monday it was really setting in and it was a good thing I already had a DRs appointment. I wasn’t able to get my new meds until Tuesday night though…dumb pharmacy hours! And by then it was too late..the infection was in my lungs. Good news? I LOVE my new asthma meds. TOTALLY better than the Sigulair…no comparison even. I spent the week getting to breath again, but also fighting certain death. OK OK I wasn’t THAT sick! However, since I was also working on my 10+ page outline to go with my 60+ minute presentation, and I have ZERO free hours….it felt that way!

Along those lines….Jillian’s workout has gone away. For now. I did like it, and managed to do it 3 of the 5 weekdays last week. Then the weekend struck and illness struck and it’s finals week. So with all those icky excuses, I’m going to go ahead and restart…perhaps when it’s Dec 1. Not too far away and a nice gauge of 30 days. Sexy for New Year! Who wants a date?

HBBC started yesterday. I see many people already have double digit points! Yikes! Way to go! I was bummed I didn’t do more yesterday, then was all proud of myself today. I ran a 5k…and it was a mile walk to/from the car to it was a 4 pointer! Yeah….that barely gets me on the board. This crowd means serious business! Speaking of today’s race. It was the CWRRC Fall Classic. I’ve done the spring and fall versions of this race a few times. Not a bad 5K, half marathon is horrid! So I woke and went up, and told myself I would walk to whole thing. Somehow though I was convinced to try and run some of it. So when the bell started I began to jog. Fully expecting my lungs to fight back. Interestingly enough….no fight. So I kept jogging. What bad thing did happen? My underwear fell off. No seriously. Luckily I had pants on. But I ran the whole race with my tush hanging out, a gathering of fabric right below it, hanging on in the from and back only because it couldn’t slip down past my leg opening in the pants. Ugg. No one could see, that I know of…I was wearing baggy running ADIDAS pants, but still….it was slightly distracting. At about the 1.5 mile marker we had water and I could FEEL the burn in my lungs. I knew I had to keep going though if I didn’t want to give up. I ran for it, feeling myself so down a little. I heard someone say mile 2 was around 21:00 on their watch and I was like “YIPPIE” but couldn’t hold on to that pace. I saw some friends doing the 1/2 course and I tried to keep up the effort. I finished according to the clock just under 34:00. I was OK with this, since I was just going to walk. And especially after being sick all week! I was thrilled. As I tried to push my way out of the shoot, because this was a huge race with 100s of people…one lady asked how old I was. I told her “26” and kept walking. She said “wait, you get a award” and I said “Really? Holy crap!” So that was a VERY exciting bonus to my run. Although I don’t think my time deserves any type of recognition…I’m still happy because dang-it I did it! I did it when I could have stayed in the covers…I did it when I could have claimed “illness” I did it when others didn’t. So today for this race I was 3rd in my age group…might not happen anywhere else with this performance, but that’s the beauty and fun of racing.

Now I must get back to my 20+ page paper. More stories of good times to follow…but these were what needed to go out today. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating, if I don’t check in before!

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