All Ohio Counseling Conference

What has everyone been up to lately? I’ve had my plate full! After the Halloween party time seemed to just fly by at work and with the Clinic. Monday I had an interview for placement, but it went horribly…and by Wednesday they called to say they went with someone else. Do not get me wrong, it went horribly, but not because of me. This place was a non-click from the get-go. If this had been a date I would have crawled out a bathroom window. Not OK.

Tuesday and Wednesday were not too bad. Went to group and turned in paperwork for a position at Oriana House. I really want the Internship at Oriana, and then I would love to be offered a job with them after the fact. We’ll see.

Wed I found myself driving down to Columbus for the All Ohio Counseling Conference. I checked into the Extended Stay and thought about getting dinner…but it was late and I was not too hungry. For some reason I thought I would have time to eat in the morning. WRONG. I was woke up at 2:00 am the next morning. Why? Well someone burned popcorn in their room! Yeah at 2 Am I found myself waking to flashing lights and sirens. I fell out of bed and tried to figure out where I was. I heard Spanish in the hallway and was still very confused. Before I made it to the door I realized something very important….I’m naked. Yeah I need to put some pants and a shirt on, and is this place really on fire? I don’t smell smoke and it doesn’t feel warm…and I know the sprinkler will go off and save me anyway. I walk into the hall and get an eye full of random strangers in various stages of undress. I make my way down the hall and people are asking me if there is a fire. Do I look like I work there? We finally learn what is causing the alarm and the noise is silenced. I go back to bed and before falling asleep I get a nose full of burned popcorn. About 5 hours later I am woken again by my real alarm to get ready for the first day of fun!

What do I learn the first day? 1- My resume needs updated/fixed like you wouldn’t believe 2- Your facebook might be the reason you’re losing your job. I also attended some sessions on school counseling which I zone out and day dream because I DO NOT care but I am volunteering so I can attend for free so I have to stay and pass out papers and collect.

That night I go to dinner with a few classmates at the Cheescake Factory.

Friday I attend a few more sessions…again a lot of review of stuff, but also simplification of Process Addictions, so that was fun! I go shopping at Easton which is FABULOUS and walk away with tons of new clothes from Forever 21. Friday night I just chill at home and start putting things away.

Saturday I clean my car (kinda) and then B and I went on the “Ales on the Rails” ride. I was very dissaspointed in the trip. Partly I was hoping for more sight seeing and talking to other riders, partly because I didn’t like the beer we tasted. B and I had fun though (I think). It’s funny he was telling me stories about himself and family and it was like “WOW I didn’t know that” I know we’ve only known each other a short time so it’s not that weird, but I really enjoy learning new things about him. Mind you, we are just friends now (yes, we broke up last week) but we still have a good time together. We were gonna hang out longer, but had a difference of opinion on the way home and called off the rest of the night. Which worked out well for me because I ended up over at my friend Liz’s! We watched a bunch of episodes of the first season of True Blood! I loved it! Before I knew it, I was headed home at 2 am! When I got home it was 1 am! Haha LOVE daylight savings! HAHA.

Today I slept way too long and just didn’t feel well. I managed to make a new logo for my blog on FB though! What do you think?


Next weekend I have race #2 for the Ohio Outside Trail series! And a possible run Sunday night. Congrats to all those who ran this weekend.

How was your week and weekend?

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