30 Day Shred! And HBBC

This is what I wish exercise looked like…

I would stand there and do working out while watching TV all night long. Not to mention if this is how I 1) worked out and 2) looked while working out…chances are I’d have a lot more followers!

So tonight I started my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I bought the DVD like 2 weeks ago, but I ended up being a slacker last week. Finally tonight I stuck it in the computer and started the challenge. First impression? This could at least be a way to feel like I’m doing something when I’m lazy during the week. I liked it, not sure if I could do it more than 30 days though. The weight training was intense, but that’s mostly because I have NO upper arm strength. I’ll keep you posted, if you keep asking me and keep me accountable!

Also, check out the new link to the left. Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. It doesn’t start until the 20th, part of why I need to start early…so I can do MORE when the time comes!

This is the first semester I did not gain weight…I LOST it! And why not be able to say the same for the holiday season? Why not look amazing if I make it to a NYE party? Why not just be healthy and take care of myself? Why not just have fun!

So who’s with me? What are you all doing to stay fit and fun and fabulous?

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