October Moving Challenges

The title may be misleading, because I am not starting nor am I participating in any challenges, but it seems to me this was the month a lot of people got in on new work outs or created their own.

I know people who started P90X, Shred, “October Miles Challenge”, “Change the way you move” and just general new concepts to spice things up!

Since it’s only the 10th, I thought it wasn’t too late to try something new myself. I don’t have any work out DVDs though so I couldn’t do a structured plan, and when I looked up items my friends have been blogging about it seems each are unique to their own ideas. Even the miles challenge seemed like a good idea. Then I realized I am walking (running) 31 miles this coming Sat, followed by 5 the next Sat and 6.2 the Wed after that. Not that any of those are really all that impressive over the 31, but hey it’s a part of October for me!

I have been using a new site and phone app to track my daily intake and exercise, and it’s made a world of difference. Not just tracking calories, but other things like daily vitamins, soldium, protein and fat. It’s amazing what’s in the food you eat and you don’t know it! I’m confident I’ll make a change for the better thanks to these two sources. Check them out


I’m happy to announce I’ve lost 5 pounds since my heaviest this summer. Nice work clothes fit again! Yippie! I’m trying for at least 5 more by the end of the month. I’d love to be as thin and tan as I was a few years ago, but that was a lot of work…and I’m lazy. No, I’m not lazy, but I am busy. What an excuse huh? Well when you go get up for work at 6:30 am and you get home from school at 9:30 and you don’t have ANY free time in between….it’s a little hard to find time to work out for 2-3 hours like I was doing at the peak of “beauty”. Plus I was a little more umm self-centered back then? And I was only doing it to get attention from guys (haha) at least I’m honest?

So yesterday I took my COMPS exam for counseling. I have been studying for this thing for weeks! I mean 600+ page guide, plus 20+ CD collection, plus on-line crap, and another practice test and outline guide of a few hundred pages! And guess what? I walk into the room for the 160 questions, and I look at that book and I think to myself “Where in the WORLD did these questions come from?” It was terrible! The small comfort I got during the test, is that a speech and debate competition was also in the building and we were next door to a drama room. Somehow that gave me peace and helped me to realize there were other times in my life when I was scared, despite trying to be prepared, and sometimes things turn out OK anyway.

After the exam I went and had my bangs trimmed and my eyebrows waxed. The lady I normally see was still on maternity leave so I had someone new. Someone who thought it was OK to wax me twice. Now I have a huge chunk of skin missing and it looks like I have red eyeshadow on from the blood and exposed raw skin. Yes, it hurts. Then I ran off to the store to buy a cool new decoration for Mr B’s house!

We decorated his place earlier this week. It was awesome and fun and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. My fave is the bedroom (get your mind out of the gutter) because we put spider webs around the canopy and placed spiders in them and it’s so super creepy and amazing at the same time!

The rest of the day was spend doing laundry and taking a nap. Mr B and I were supposed to go to a haunted house…which I have been thinking about and looking forward to for MONTHS literally MONTHS and well we didn’t. According to him he almost broke his friend’s nose with a football and could not leave Columbus. Liz and I went to the Haunted House instead and I took a survey while we were in line for an hour. Every guy I spoke to said the same thing…if they were the friend they would have told the dude to go on his date, men hurt each other all the time…and since it was an almost….clearly he was fine. All the girl said I needed to be more sympathetic. NOW we all see a VERY good reason I am mainly friends with guys!!! Haha. So yea, I can’t really be “mad” at B and I’m not “mad” at him….but I am incredibly disappointed, among other things I’m classy enough not to get into over the Internet. Haha.

The HH was cool enough, I had a really fun time with Liz and I’m glad I got to at least go to one this year. Maybe I can go to one in (2) weeks with the sister girl? That could be cool. We were always partners in crime for haunted houses!

Today is a fun day of warm October weather. Sis is coming over and we’re taking the pups hiking, then we’re ordering pizza and watching football. Then I’m doing work for clinics and watching Fox animation domination. What a GREAT Sunday huh?

Hope everyone else is doing well. I’ll check in again before the race. I’m so nervous too. I’m taking my camera. I’ll take 100+ pics (haha) and I’m thinking I’ll take a short video at each of the rest stops and let you know how I’m feeling? Would that be cool?

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  1. I'm definitely checking out that website immediately. I need something like that to keep me on track. I've been trying to lose 30 pounds now for the past year and it is SO freaking hard. Ugh.

    And that sounds awful about the eyebrow waxing incident. Have you ever tried getting your eyebrows threaded? I've heard good things about it and I want to try it soon.

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