Happy times all the way around

This has been a great weekend, and it’s not even noon on Sunday! I just know it’ll be fine the rest of the day too.

So after I typed up my little message on Friday I went to meet Gale for the CVNP Full Moon run. I thought I had read they would have headlamps to borrow, well I arrived and they had headlamps to PURCHASE. I should have my own soon, but I didn’t want to buy it there and then. Even if I wanted I didn’t have the money. Plus, I overheard this run was only to be 3 miles, and that was a lot of money when all was said and done for a “fun run”. So, I went back home.

Sat morning I woke and got ready for the Ohio Outside Trail series! I was able to sleep in because this park is less than 15 minutes from my house. Also, not gonna lie…slept in my clothes from the night before since I didn’t go trail running after all. All I needed to do was add shoes and go for it!

I arrived at the park a little tardy, gathered my stuff and put it in the car. LOVELY hoodie (for signing up for all three races) and a glass for this particular race. Currently I am fond of the glasses as gifts thing.

We began the double loop course at 8:30. I knew this course, I’ve taken Emme on it many times. It’s not flat or fast, and it IS beautiful! I was amazed to find myself running most of it, I thought I’d be a lot more out of shape and sore. I never heard the mile 1 beep, but when I heard mile 2 I looked down and saw I’d done it in just over a 12 minute pace. Which is good for me for the trail! I cleared the first loop in under 30 minutes (like 26) so I was thinking I was on my way to under an hour AND a PR. Not bad for a week after a 50K huh? Well, legs had a different idea. My calf muscles started to twinge and my IPOD died and I started having trouble breathing (didn’t use my inhaler or take my meds) so the second loop wasn’t as strong. I kept making myself run though, I had nothing to conserve for this weekend! I started full out sprinting in the clearing but came to an abrupt stop when I nearly ran into a gathering of 10 people. Apparently a girl had fallen and was bleeding very badly. 911 was called, and I saw her later and she had a nasty wound on her head. It was either her or someone else who busted open on the course! Not that this kept me from running, but it did make me question how much I needed to be pushing it after all?

I finished the course in 61 minutes….but it ws only 4.66 miles long. Oh and I was only about 3 minutes behind Gale so AWESOME! I like that it’s a double loop, you can push it the second time….I like that each of the 3 runs are the same place. With the changing weather it will be “different” each time, but I’m hoping to get my time lower and lower each session. Throwing it out there…but wouldn’t a cut of down to like 45 be amazing?? Haha. I’d be happy to get it down even into the low 50s.

After the race I hung around the house pouting about Halloween…but WAIT! There is good news!


It’s a secret. Ha. But I’m SO excited about it! I came up with it myself. It fits ALL my criteria

1. It’s sexy
2. But not too “slutty”
3. It’s FUNNY
4. It’s comfortable
5. I won’t be ashamed if pics go up online and clients see me
6. I cold use it on a run.

There may be other criteria, but you get the point. Also, the whole thing only cost me about 15 bucks. How awesome is that?? I bet you’re all excited to see what it will be…don’t worry you’ll see pics after the party next weekend (squeal)

Mom and I went shopping for the pieces parts, so that was fun. I got to show her how my voice typing on my phone does NOT work. Example: I said to both her phone and mine (same phone BTW)

“I am going to the cheap store, if you would like to come with me”
Hers typed it PERFECTLY


“Cheap store if you like to lick me”
My phone has a dirty mind.

Later that night we went to dinner with my sister and to see A CHORUS LINE

I was not impressed with this play/musical. It’s long running and award winning, but to me it was kinda boring. I like high energy things, with costume changes and lots of scenery. This was barely anything. Sorry to people who are fans. I’m glad I went though, I LOVE going to plays! But I wouldn’t go to this one again.

The night ended with random movie watching in the living room with my Mom.

Today I am being miss Susie Homemaker. I am finally bringing the sweaters upstairs from the basement…with god as my witness. And I am doing laundry, or else I have to stop wearing underwear. And I am cleaning my room (sorta) and I am putting away my 50K trip stuff and about 3 bags worth of trips to Mr B’s. Yeah, I need to do that or else the sweater with the PB&J is going to turn into a FOB situation. Yikes. Finally I am going grocery shopping. 1-because I can’t live on noodles all week or fast food. 2-I think he knows this…but I need to get the stuff to cook dinner for when B comes over!

Hope everyone else is living the good life. I’ll be back Wed-ish with pics from the fun run at Halloween. Oh and I don’t think I’m being the same thing that night…we’ll see though!

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  1. I have been sitting here, trying to figure out your costume for a while now. LOL! It's driving me nuts!! I'm excited to see what it is though. Sounds creative and fun. 🙂 I still haven't come up with a costume myself yet…sigh.

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