10 days of blogging. Day Nine and Ten! The End

Day 9: Two words that describe your lift right now.

1. Evolving
2. Fortunate

Day 10: One Confession

1. Originally I wrote all of these in advance…and the last day was a whole rant about how much I hate my braces. This is still true, but I decided to go a different route now that we’re at the end.

A lot of little girls and big girls, dream about the day they will get married. Some people know the perfect dress (I still remember the poofy one with roses sewn in I saw when I was 14) others know the perfect dance, cake, day or season. I’ve imagined different versions of all of these over the years. But my confession is there has been one thing I hope to have at my wedding more than anything.

I hope we have Disney songs with the ability to sing along on the dance floor…but not just any songs. I hope my little sister will sing a duet with me of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”.

We used to sing this together ALL THE TIME and I love the song and always have so much fun singing and dancing with her to it, and I hope on a day I’ll remember always she’s there with me and we can still be kids at heart.

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