Tuesday Tunes 9-7 and STOMP

This weekend was supposed to be my 4th or 5th ride of STOMP (Summit Tour of Metro Parks) and I almost always enjoy myself. In fact I skipped the last organized group run for Oil Creek, a 20 mile endeavour I honestly needed if not just wanted.

So Friday night my life partner and I went to the movies. He chose The American and now he is no longer allowed to pick movies. Just kidding. Tom you know I love you! The best part about having him down here for school…neither of us has to drive nearly an hour to get to the theater. I will miss that ghetto theater! The movie though, so weird. George Clooney is getting older and he is NOT that fabulous of an actor. It MIGHT have worked as some foreign indie flick with no-name actors…but even then maybe not.

Sat we decided to meet up for STOMP. Last year we slept in too late and it was killer hot as we were riding so this year we aimed for leaving sooner. Good thing too because talk about a rocky start! Ugg. First I ran late because one of my cats ran out the door and I had to go looking for her. Of course this also involves the other cat and the dog. Such lovely helpers. Then I was driving behind people who you would think have never driven down a hill before. (brake) (brake) (brake) OMG get going!!!!! So we’re finally in the field and getting our gear out. I pick up my stuff while complaining about how cold it is…and he registers. We start off across the field and my bike is barely moving in the grass. Why? I don’t know. We get out to the road and Tom looks at my bike and says “Your tire is flat” OH really? That’s lovely. Back through the field to his pump. He lets air out of my tire and realizes….it’s the wrong pump. TOTALLY flat tire now. We go back up to the main area, luckily there was staff on site who was able to pump me up again. Back into the grass, still freezing cold and over an hour later at this point. Bike is actually working though (cool) so we take off on our adventure.

I try talking to him a little, but mostly the stuff on my mind is upsetting me. So I just ride in silence the best I can. We get 3 miles into it and we feel rain drops. We get 6 miles into it and it’s a nasty sort of rain and I can’t make it up the hill. Apparently going for a ride after having fluid filled lungs all week, not at the top of the smart list. So I’m coughing away, scaring birds away and what have you…and at the top of the hill we make an executive decision…we don’t want to do this. Tom is sore and I just don’t care. So we find a new way back on the map. It was actually nicer in a way because we were using the same route as like 3 years past, so our way gave us new things to look at and discover. No more rain, still freezing, but we didn’t regret our choice.

Overall we managed a little over 11 miles. We ate some food listened to some music and talked about the fall hiking spree. He seemed interested in it, so I’m super excited to have someone other than family to hike with around here! Family is fun, but we won’t always have free time together. Although I AM digging this no homework on the weekends thing. Tom and I also agreed we are too busy to hang out during the week, and there shall be no hurt feelings. Honestly I was greatly relived at this. Haha. Note to those in my life…I’m sure I love you, but you’re a time suck.

I spent the rest of the day asleep on the couch. I was in a bad mood and it was better not to be around people. Later that night my friend Liz and I went to the movies and out dancing. We saw Going the Distance which ended up being a really funny movie! It bothered me though how they were all “let’s move across the country for each other” and had only been dating a year. I know she was 31 and he was probably the same but really, do things move that quickly? I’m not saying that’s too soon to be in love or live together, but to talk about leaving everything and move across the country…it seems…I dunno…sudden? Then again I am chronically single due to my selfishness.

After the film we went to downtown Akron for a lil dancing and venting about not understanding men and their mixed signals. HAHA. We agree that we do spazz out a lot, but we think it’s their fault anyway. So we were signing and dancing…I felt like maybe I had lost my touch or something, because barely ANY guys were trying to hit on me or dance with me. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t going to DO anything, but it’s more of a self esteem thing to be WANTED. I mentioned this to Liz and she was like “OH well, you did have the ‘don’t eff with me’ look on your face”. Huh? I did. She laughed and said I didn’t want any frat-boy Akron kids anyway…and if the time comes where I am single and need a man…she knows where to go. LOL.

Sunday family and I are went on some hikes then Monday we hit up an Oktoberfest. Where we saw Doxie races and that was way cool.

Now for the song of the week. Liz already saw this coming….

“I like your dirty mind…mine’s on it all the time”

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