Tuesday Tunes 9-14

So how have things gone since I managed to run on Sunday?

Not well.

Sunday night my cat that went missing last week prior to STOMP came home. Well, she didn’t come home so much as my neighbors found her in the grass. Long story short…after hours of tests and emergency hospitalization…she didn’t make it. I had her for 10 years and I loved her dearly and she will be greatly missed. I’d like to share with you my favorite picture of the two of us.


And now for some music. Forgive me for the brief posting, but with the hectic life I’ve had in the past 48 hours, it’s a little hard to come up with too much story. I will share that by week’s end I should have great news on all fronts about school and per chance the next time you hard from me I will be a successful 25K-er from YUT-C.

Why did I pick this music? It seems odd because I have a long list of favorite songs and meaningful songs and “deep” songs…but this song stands out for this week. It’s a song about seeing the best in another person, a song about appreciating them fully and not caring what anyone else thinks…but more than that, learning to value what you have together and not comparing it to what others have or do.

So I offer this song to all my best friends, Gale who listened to me for hours on Sunday, Tom who just “gets” me, Andrew who keeps calling even when I constantly forget to call back, Liz who might be the one person I can be “girly” with, Mr B who never ceases to amaze me, and all my classmates….who help me to not feel like such a freak.

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