Finally! Run Accomplished!

I am so beyond words happy to report I finally got some miles in…without getting sick….without dropping out! Man it feels better than I can even express! It’s a running blog again, not a busy blog or a record of “almost” and “maybe ifs”

So how wonderful was this weekend? Friday I did nothing. OK that’s a lie. I took Emme to the dog park, where a slightly larger dog attacked her. She ended up being OK physically but emotionally she would NOT leave my side the rest of the time and just slept in my arms. Ugg and we were making progress! Then I went to the thrift store. I am losing weight (another finally) but I didn’t quite lose as much as I wanted before the school year. I am between sizes in my nice dress pants and I can’t justify spending so much to replace them all and I refuse to look sloppy with clients! I could wear my corduroy pants, but I personally feel they do not look professional. So off I went to the thrift store. 13 bucks later I had 4 new pants and a white top. I walked away with a brown pair, a grey pair, a red/grey plaid-ish pair and a brown/cream pair. Now when they’re too big I didn’t waste a ton of money…and hopefully that’s in the next few weeks! I DO have to hem them, which I must make myself do correctly or suffer the consequences.

Sat I got up early and went to the clinic. I managed to get several hours of work done and I feel very accomplished. I headed to my fave running store Fleet Feet and bought a pair of compression tights. I needed need sleeves, and the pants were in so I thought…huh why not? I love how they work on my calves, what about my knees, thighs, hips and core? Then tot he grocery store….all before 1 pm!

Sat afternoon I took Emme for a long and rock hike. I wasn’t sure if she would make it. All 4 pounds of her! But she was a champ! I mean she left me in the dust…of course she checks on my progress every 5 minutes, so not really in the dust. We got home and she went right to the couch with a pillow and blanky and we didn’t hear from her the rest of the night. At one point Mom looked at her and says “You have may qualities not unlike your mother today”. HAHA I go running and then sleep all day!

Here’s a pic of her for “size” and another of where she spent her afternoon.

This morning I also woke somewhat early and headed over to a field to go running with Gale. I was nervous since I’ve sucked so much lately. However, the loop wasn’t too bad IMO and we went around 3 times for a total of 9.5 miles! Woot! Mind you that’s a ripple in the ocean of the 31 I’m to do in a few weeks, but hey at least I got somewhere and yes I walked most of it…but I still got through! Here is my pace and elevation chart. LOOK at that elevation! Yikes ! Go us!

Gale says it’s time to HTFU and be a warrior. HAHA.

The rest of Sunday has been spent doing more studying for COMPS (started yesterday night) and reading things about the presenting issues of my clients and watching the Brown’s game. Yeah see what a terrible influence B has become on me? It was kinda an interesting game though. So now back to the books and other tasks before Alannah’s for True Blood!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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