You started this HOW many hours ago? Tales from mile 80 of the BR100

This weekend turned out to be rather fabulous! I went to bed Friday night thinking I would get “plenty” of sleep. I was texting w/ Mr B and hoping that would keep me up for a bit. Well one minute we’re talking the next I wake up with a phone in my bed and it’s 8:30 Am. Stupid allergy meds. Mind you I slept from 1130-830 then…I go check my email (all of like 15 minutes it takes) and go upstairs to read and relax. The next thing I know I’m waking up on the couch covered in pets and it’s noon. WELL then! Apparently I’ve been more stressed than I realized, plus I DID work out last week more than I have been. BTW don’t ever let them send you the wrong meds it is SO draining, especially when the wrong meds induce severe psychological distress.

So I continue to read Ender’s Game and make false promises of walking Emme. Finally after 4pm I get dressed and take her for a walk. We go to Ira trail and walk a mile. We see (2) HUGE turtles (like over a foot) and every child ever wants to pet her. She loves this. Then I go home and get messages from Gale it’s almost time to start our adventure…I am SO ready!

I arrive around 8 PM and there have not been too many people through mile 80 (mind you they began at 5 am). We learn our tasks and just hang out for a while. Now I’m not gonna lie, I don’t feel like formatting pics today so here is what you’re about to look at before the story continues. You will see both of us at like 2-3 AM holding the clipboard for check-in. The inside of the covered bridge and everyone standing about when it was still early and nice out. Aren’t we a sight to behold after 80 miles? Almost enough to make you wanna turn around and call it a night. lol.

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There is a generator that was making the WORST motor noise all night. I swear I was going to stab it. A few times it died, which sucked bc then we had NO power AKA lights or heat for the food. It always kicked back up though. Gale and I had to stay down at the start of the bridge and check people in…everyone else got to sit by the fire where it was obviously much warmer and quieter and “fun”. I think this is because it’s a form of freshman hazing to send the newbies to the “bad” spot. I think other than the cold and the noise it wasn’t too bad. I LOVED being the meet and greet of the station and I LOVED sitting in my chair with my blanket and not running around like a crazy person.

Our job was to get bib #, time of arrival and mark what day it was, if they were dropping out and we were told to mark if they personally reported to us. What “report” really meant was to call in to HQ and give all the data so they could put it on the website. Which means I am terribly sorry, but there is no data from our rest stop! You can’t understand how horribly I feel I about this ) ;

Many things we talked about I can’t post for mixed company. I will say I was quoted as saying “Well if I can’t have sex tonight I might as well have fun instead” which was not phrased the way it should have been! We talked about our friends who put on full make up for runs. I don’t put on full makeup for dates for crying out loud! We discussed OC50K and how excited/nervous we’re getting and how different trail running is from road running. I LOVE the trails, I always feel like I’m in an intro to some movie of the week. Since many of the runners complained of it (especially later at night) we talked about chaffing issues and proper dress. We saw a few trail hookers. I mean c’mon do you need to wear THAT when you’re outside? All night? Gimmie a break. Pretty much 8 hours of live, love and the pursuit of mileage.

Some people came running up looking so strong and happy, others were barely walking on their own. As the night moved on more and more people were sitting for longer times and getting warm and eating and looking like they might drop out. We had guy who was puking, I had guy I saw putting on hemorrhoid creme (accidentally saw), we had guy who kept asking for his drop bag, girl who’s husband missed her by like 5 minutes and had stuff she needed (holy guess who is sleeping on the couch!!!)

I left at 5 am….24 hours after they had started the race. It looked like a war zone. People dirty, bleeding, laying on the ground with blankets and cups scattered everywhere. People putting new clothes around old injuries and some tears and a lot of laughter and delirium. I spent 9 hours at that aid station, and I wouldn’t trade any of it. I was just as proud of the first person I saw as the last and no one in between was any better or worse. It’s amazing what they did. I only had to personally call in (1) drop but I know there were many many more.

Congrats to all who started the journey of Burning River 100 miler and well done to all those who finished.

Now, several pics of the Sunset Relay. Note how in the “hand off” pic how HIGH UP my top was! NOT OK!

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3 thoughts on “You started this HOW many hours ago? Tales from mile 80 of the BR100

  1. Loved the pictures! 🙂 Sounds like quite the experience during the Burning River! I'm sure everyone participating appreciated you being out there! 🙂 And you look great in the marathon gear (my top rides up too! BOO)

  2. Gotta love the true life drama that unfolded in front of our very eyes. They can't fake this on TV!! Thank you, thank you, dear partner for staying the extra hour to welcome the last runners in. As I said last night, “the runners who need the most aid, get the least”, and we who have been at the back of the pack or dead last know this better than anyone. I suppose it makes us stronger. 😉

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