Tuesday Tunes 8-24

First I’d like to give a very special shout out to my baby sister Becky! She is 22 today…and also refuses to read my blog. She insists it’s silly to follow your family’s blog. Let’s show her how silly it is! Please email her at itsacurtis@gmail.com and wish her well.

Today I’d like to start a new segment for ROJ. Lots of people have set day a week theme post and I like to be like the cool kids so I want one too. I don’t follow a special diet so I can’t tell you how to cook. I already talk about all areas of my life and aside from that in too great of detail so I don’t need a summary page. And despite my best efforts, I’m either not that funny or I just don’t know where to find the goods. One thing I do enjoy and am always looking for an excuse to share is my love of music. So, from now until I forget and/or get bored with it, we are all going to enjoy Tuesday Tunes!

To celebrate the first posting we will have two songs. Both of these songs I first heard on an episode of Phedippidations. It was last summer when running the Presque Isle half marathon. Lovely scenery, flat and hot. The episode turned out to be one of my favorites, with a great mix of music, stories and general talk. I listened to it again later that summer at the Perfect 10 miler and a few times since then as well. (Side note…I have blood all over my hand, I’m at work and I’m confused by this….)

I did not lead a very multisport life this weekend, instead I watched and listened to others who did. Thursday’s race must have done more to me than I realized, my thighs have been weak ever since. Nothing else hurts, just my thighs when I try to take steps. Weird. Anyway. I woke Fri to a headache, sore throat, itchy eyes and general foul disposition. I tried to make the most of it and by noon was feeling tons better. However, by 5 at work I was getting chills and running a fever. Obviously I missed Nick’s great sushi party because of this unfortunate circumstance ) ; I went home, curled up on the couch with my dog and cats and slept for a little over 2 hours. Woke up feeling better and just sorta was a bump on a log the rest of the night. Skipped EXTERRA on Sat, and I wish I hadn’t because it looks like it was a fabulous time. Here are some pics of my friends I stole…err borrowed.

My lovely Gale, looking happy after 5 miles!

Brave sir Niall, leading the pack!

So what did I do Sat? Well mostly I stayed in PJs and watched cheesy high school cheerleader movies. I also killed time until my latest adventure….a Cleveland Browns football game. I have NEVER been to a football game in my life! I was very excited! Prior to the game Mr B and I went to this awesome restaurant called bds Mongolian Grill. I was hesitant at first, but I’m trying this new thing where I am more positive and flexible. So I stuck it out. The food wasn’t anything TOO amazing (I mean it’s all you can eat stir fry!) It was a WONDERFUL time and it was was VERY yummy! I also recommend the sangria. I hope we go back again. Here is a pic of Mr B with our giant ice cream sundae…also a prime example of why tomorrow I am placing myself inside a cell store and buying a new phone. Only question…Sprint or Verizon?

After dinner we made our way to the stadium. We were running crazy late, and were worried we wouldn’t get in. We couldn’t find parking and of course it was raining!! Again, prime time to be a whiny bitchy girl, but instead I just smiled and had an adventure! We found parking and ran through the rain to the stadium! Made our way to the seats and plopped down for the second half. Here is our view (thanks to a phone that doesn’t suck).


Honestly, I had such a great time. Even I wouldn’t have guessed it if I hadn’t lived it. I learned SO MUCH about football and got to see how much greater it is live. It’s sad we lost and I guess it doesn’t matter because it was preseason. Also, got to see Colt McCoy! LoL. I’m so cool because I know someone’s name. I would TOTALLY go back, I actually want to go back! Hopefully sans rain.

The rest of the weekend was a good time too. Missed Grunt Girl’s picnic on Sunday, but got to have dinner with Mom and sister, so it was just fine by me. Tonight I went to the gym at school…oh the perks of being back in school. I was too lazy to just get on a treadmill, also everyone think back to school means back to the gym so it was crazy busy. Instead I jumped in on a total body work out class for an hour. Used a BOSU disc for the first time ever, did not fall off thankyouverymuch. Then did power abs. Plus of the gym? Hot boys. Not plus of the gym? Feeling gassy and/or heartburn.

Keep up the good work everyone. This coming weekend is Indians on Friday, Lorain County Fair on Sat (with the combine derby!) and Buckeye half marathon on Sunday…might not hear from me until then! We shall see though…I might have to blog about getting my very first clients on Thursday if they don’t no-show.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes 8-24

  1. Oooh I need a Saturday to sit in my pajamas and watch cheesy cheerleading movies!! That sounds fun. 😛

    And i have never been to a football game either. I'm glad you had a great time!

    Oooh and one of my friends was telling me about this amazing book she read (it's about running) and I immediately thought of you. Check this out: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0307266303?tag=thefitnessmot-20&camp=14573&creative=327641&linkCode=as1&creativeASIN=0307266303&adid=09VVKAZS401BVPYNSFX2&

    I hope that link works. It just goes to the amazon page. Yeah, the book sounds awesome and I'm gonna get a copy myself. Just thought I would share it! xo

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