Race Report: Perfect 10 miler 2010

Before we start the report let’s look at something exciting! It’s about the 6 month anniversary of having braces. Below is the pic from day of getting braces…next is the pic from today when they installed the “power chain” which will close the gap on the bottom teeth (the part I’ve personally been waiting for…) so let’s play a game from Highlights. How many differences can you find?

Braces Day 1

Braces at Six Months


Saturday I woke and went out with the Grunt Girls to see what to expect for Shatter the Silence. I was feeling rather good after my run at Twilight. I get maybe a mile into this run and I don’t feel well. I try to walk it off, but I feel very faint and weak. I cut my training short and make it back to my car in 2.6-ish miles. I drink lots of water and stay out of the sun the rest of the day. My day includes getting my hair done, eating, buying new trail shoes and reading a book. See new shoes:

When I get done with the book, one I borrowed from Mr. B I texted him to let him know how awesome it was…and he wrote me back! I wasn’t expecting this since he was out with his friends. Well, long story short the friends didn’t go out so we ended up getting together Sat night. Not really a great idea because I SHOULD be sleeping, but I’ve run on less sleep before and B is more important than a run. Haha. I made the right choice too, because IMO we had a blast Sat night. He’s such a trooper too because he let me set an alarm to get up at 5:45. Annnnnnd guess what? He made me coffee before we went to sleep so I could have some “perk” on my way to the run. (cue the “awww”).

Perfect 10-Miler

Let’s start with the fact(s). I finished Sunday’s race in 2 hours and 23 minutes and 59 seconds. That alone should be my race report. However, I’m sure some of you are curious as to how this came to be…so I’ll tell the tale, albeit begrudgingly

I had known for a while I did not want to run this particular race. No, I am not phasing back into not liking to run. On the contrary I think I love it again, I just don’t much care for the roads at the moment. I’ve been running and training and improving…and the last time I ran on a road is when I did the Fairview Park 5K with Mr B and Gale. So, I knew this was full of surprises going into it.

I woke Sun and I immediately thought I was going to be tired and dead to the world. However, I surprised myself with new found energy and gathered my stuff and was on my way right on time. It rained during my commute and I was VERY pleased, hoping it would cut some of the heat normally associated with this race. Thank GOD for packet pick up the day before, I already had my bib and chip. I arrive on site at 7:00 for the 7:30 race. After walking/stretching and using the bathroom I’m good to go. Or so I think. And yes I checked and all signs pointed to hydrated. Really I felt GREAT and my only issue was forgetting my good IPOD and having to use my big one (but it tucks easily into my bra).

We start the race and I’m really thinking about getting a PR…it did not seem to be humid. The first mile passes quickly and easily. Yes. VERY easily. I look at Garmin and it chirps to me that we’re going just over 10 minutes. OHhhhh such joy to run 10 minute miles after the weeks of teens on the trails. I’m doing math in my head and realize even if I pull 11 minute averages I can pull a PR! I get to the first water stop and since I opted not to carry my water belt I pick up a cup. I bend the lip and start to pour the cool water into my mouth, planning to dump the rest on my head. DISASTER. The water tastes AMAZING. Not just a need and not just a small treat, but like life and death. I try to not worry about it and hope it isn’t a sign…but it was. By mile two I feel disoriented and I start to notice I’m sweating at an unusually high rate.

Somewhere in this time I start to be passed by people I know. Some say words to me by name, others call me “Snickers” because of my Team Marathon clothing. People keep asking what marathon I ran. I find this an annoying question and am starting to hate the misleading name of these Marathon Bars. LOVE the product and company, hate that in order to tell people about what my product is…I must first explain what it isn’t.

After mile two I can’t run. I walk/stumble and I am soaked with sweat. I see spots and when I touch my skin it is icey cool and clammy. I am honestly worried. A smart person would have dropped out of the race. For some reason I didn’t feel like being smart. We have to do these endurance events for Team Marathon and I don’t have time with school coming up to do another endurance event before Dec. And I am NOT using my 50K as an event. I HATE the clothing we have to wear. It is SO uncomfortable on me. Not the wrong size, just plain uncomfortable. ) ; I had to use safety pins to keep my shirt from flying up the whole time I’m running. So, I decide to walk to whole damn thing if I have to. As I approach mile 4 a lady ends up next to me and tells me we’re the last two. I don’t see the pace car so I don’t believe her…also, despite the fit I’m throwing, I’m still below a 12 min average. We stay together to mile 5 where it’s an hour and 5 minutes. I was aiming for one hour so really nothing to be too upset about. I learn her name is Cheri and she takes off for what she can do. I go back to suffering. I’m feeling much much worse and I’m having fantasies of passing out. Seriously, all I want is to fall over in the road and wake up hooked up to an IV. I remember being in the hospital or any other clinic before with an IV and how wonderfully hydrated I felt. My greatest wish is to feel like I might pee my pants knowing I drank too much water. I wonder if I can summon a rain dance.

At mile 6 I try to go to the bathroom and it just isn’t happening. This is bad, I know this is bad. I get up and keep walking down the course. It’s down hill for a few miles…and I have not died yet. I see there is an older couple of ladies walking behind me and talking and one lone woman in pink with the pace car. Crap the pace car. I hear a man on a bike pulling up the rear tell the walking ladies they need to speed up or they won’t make the 2.5 hour cut off. I feel and hear them gaining on me. I look down and see I have 1 hour to cover 4 miles. I’m walking in the 20’s pacing. OH NO. I don’t want to have come this far to get timed out. I start to awkwardly jog down the hill. I wished I was having fun. I wished I was smiling at the people still waiting for the end runners to walk by. All I wanted was to get to a point where I felt I could finish. I do a dance of jog/walk/stumble and manage a 13-something mile. I’ve bought myself 2 minutes. Somewhere between 7 and 8 all the water stops must have helped because I’m running. I’m running and I don’t feel like complete crap. I make it all the way to 9 and have 20+ mins to finish or something and I knew I would be ok. I run into Cheri after the 9 mile mark. I know if I pushed it I could clear 2:15, at least 2:20…but at that point, who was I trying to impress. Cheri had never done more than a 10K and her knee was killing her. She helped me when I needed it without even meaning to do so, and so I helped her. We didn’t talk much. She chanted “running for those who can’t” and I jogged along next to her, making sure she got into the school and onto the track. I loved being there with someone during their first 10 mile journey. She was a wonderful person. We got our gold and purple medals and I headed to the water tent. I drank a TON of whatever was liquid until I felt safe to drive home. I walked to my car, turned on the AC, and started the journey home.

I’m so glad I finished the race. So glad I met and was there with Cheri. Glad I could represent Team Marathon as someone who doesn’t give up and keeps going even when it’s not a personal best type of day. I learned a lot about myself out on the course that day. And I spent the rest of the day in recovery sleeves and laying on floors with an intense urge to puke.

Here are a few pics from Twilight so far…a pic of myself and Kelli standing around before the race, you know you love my tush!


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  1. Wow==what a difference the braces are making!
    We've all been where you were on the ten miler. It's tough. That's how I was with the trail 17 I did a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes there is a reason why it works out the way it does. Maybe your encouraging Cheri was the reason.

  2. First – that difference with the braces is amazing! 🙂 Love the “new” smile!!!

    Congrats with the 10 miler. Sounds rough, but your fought through it and definitely represented Marathon Bar well!!!

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