CVNP “fun run”

This was supposed to be posted last night…but something more important came up…sleep. Ha. I went to the CVNP fun run last night. I’ve always wanted to go to one of their runs, but was nervous since I’m a slower runner. Gale went with me and I know more people in the “not racing” community now so I would have been fine without her too…but as always I love the company. We attempted this last week but as we crossed the road onto the trail we heard the weather sirens. This week a few drops fell on our cars on the way there, but other than that it was nothing more exceptional than a very humid evening.

I was a little worried how I would perform…I haven’t been eating much this week. There are several contributing factors to this dilemma. First, for some reason the way they did my braces last month is cutting into my gums. Not the outside of my gums where I can put wax, but how my molars are moving, there is newly exposed gum, and it keeps bleeding no matter what I do. So I taste blood a lot which doesn’t allow for wanting to eat too much. Second, I am trying to be on a diet so I can feel good when I go back to school. This doesn’t mean I need to drop 20 pounds to feel good, it means I eat like crap and if I’m going to go back to the schedule from hell I need to do all I can to stay sane. Lastly (for now) general life stress and just trying to get through another day in ROJ. Tuesday I had a frozen meal for lunch and a smoothie, Wed I had another smoothie and part of a veggie chicken patty. So going into this run I had very little fuel.

Gale convinced herself that we should try the 6.7 mile loop. I was ready and willing! Or something like that. So we set off into the woods and I readied myself for the next few hours of woods. About a mile into it she took a kinda nasty but not too bad spill on some roots. I saw what happened too, she didn’t lift her foot quiet high enough and the bottoms of her trail shoes bumped the root enough to set off her balance. Something I’ve done myself more times than I care to count. She went front down and caught herself on her knee and wrist. OUCH. Less then a mile later she was taking a turn at the top of a hill and looked back to check on the two of us behind her and took another spill! Landing on the same patches of body. This fall was a little funny because she took it at an angle and looked like she flew/jumped/dove into a pile of dirt.

At the split point we voted and decided 4 miles was enough for the night and did not take the 6.7 option. I was really happy with my pace and how I was feeling, especially for NIGHT on a TRAIL and in HUMIDITY! I was keeping around 13 – 14 mins. We walked whenever Gale tumbled for a moment. I was feeling strong on a lot of the inclines too. We arrived at 3 miles around 42 mins and right before this took a little break for water. The break was too long though and my body went into recovery mode and started giving me the chills. I tried to run more for the last portion, but logic got the better of me and I walked. I could have run more, but I had a ton on my mind and really wanted and really needed to be alone with my thoughts. It was the best choice too because I finally managed to sort a lot of nonsense out in my head and feel more like a functioning human being.

After the run we all chatted a while before Gale went home. I made it home, showered and then pretty much went to bed. I was exhausted! The storms kept me up though ) ;

Tonight I was supposed to run with CRTR again, for 3.2 miles of trails. Possibly a second loop of that or a connector trail for 4.8 total. However, Tim McGraw decided to have a concert so the roads were backed up and since I run late everywhere I didn’t make it to the run. Now laundry is being done! Which is good because I’m about out of underwear. Does anyone else gauge laundry “due date” based on underwear choices?

20 miles coming up on Sat in OC.

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