Taming of the Shrew & Sunburns

Another fun filled weekend over here in ROJ.

Friday I dropped Emme off at Aunt Becky’s for a playdate with Howard Elizabeth. Her apartment is very cute actually. After a day of working I went to pick her up and they were almost tuckered out. Luckily she had enough spunk to head over to Tami’s so her daughter could groom her for me. She was nervous around Sadie the BIG FAT chocolate lab! Haha. At the end she was very pretty even if everyone thought she looked like Gizmo. I get it but honestly I’ve never seen Gremlins so not too sure. Yes, I know it’s so sort of crazy thing I have not seen that movie…remember I also have never seen The Goonies.

Sat I woke at 8 and could not get back to sleep for the life of me! So I went outside with the book Mr B lent me and got some sun. Too much sun actually! Stupid Ender’s Game being all interesting. I was nice and red. In fact I had a book shaped tan line on my thigh. Haha. I took a quick nap and got ready to go hang out with him.

We went to eat at Olive Garden and it was delicious and fun. Even if he did not let me color him a picture for his fridge. Then we went down to Akron to see my friend Alannah in The Taming of the Shrew at Stan Hywet Hall. I went to see her in Romero & Juliet last year and it was lovely. This year was no different and I really enjoyed showing Mr B some of the grounds. We are planning to go back some time for a tour. I knew nothing of this play other than 10 Things I Hate About You was based on it, and that I knew thanks to Abby. I like to be cultured though, so I went to see it…and to be a supportive friend. Well, thanks to my addiction to chapstick and my crazy need to be in possession of water at all times….and lack of knowing how to give directions…we ran late and missed some of her pre-show performance. Oh no! She forgave me though, because she is a sweetie.

After the play we just went back to his house and hung out and went to sleep. Sunday morning was quite the ordeal though. I really thought I was going to kill him. An alarm goes off at 8 (I was already awake) and he hits snooze. Another alarm 2 mins later…snooze…another alarm 2 mins later…snooze. This goes on for 5 alarms. Me each time trying to get him to wake up and get out of bed! Sheesh! Well I gave up and went to go get dressed. When I came back…ta-da he was dressed! I was very pleased. So we finished getting ready and out the door we went. He is NOT fun without his coffee! Haha. We got to the race walked around and talked to Gale. Now here is the sad part of the pre-race routine. I went to the potty room and umm well there was no toilet paper…and umm…well yeah…we will let you conclude the rest. So there I am sneaking out the door, shorts around my ankles, ass hanging out for the world to see, trying to scoot over into the next stall where thankfully there was toliet paper. NOT FUNNY. Grrrr.

The run itself was a decent course. At times I cursed myself for agreeing to a race so late in the morning…oh god the heat!!! But I made mile 1 in 10:07 and I made mile 2…well we won’t talk about that, it was just under 11:00 (ouch). I wore my Team Marathon clothing so that made me feel like I needed to really push myself! I finished in under 32 minutes, but the course was a tad short. The results say I took 4th in my age group though! So I was excited to see some good news. We stayed for the awards…which were given in combined genders! Yikes! And Mr B did not like this…he says I am too social at races. Booo.

After the run we went to McDonald’s where I think he would have eaten any and all breakfast food given the choice. We watched Dr Who at his place…I’ve never seen that show and liked it! Then watched other random TV and took a nap.

All in all it was a very wonderful weekend! Most importantly I have been running or biking and look forward to keeping it up.

This week I plan to do the full brick on Wed. (15 mile ride 4-5 mile run). Thursday is trail run (maybe) Friday is 5K at night. Sat is 20-30 mile bike ride. Sunday is….sleeping. Sorry but it is! I’d like to go swimming…but only for fun not or laps.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend too!

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