Fourth of July Extravaganza!

Well I don’t know how everyone else’s weekend went, but mine was pretty close to perfectly awesome.

Friday night I went over to my friend Liz’s where she was having a “Wedding is off – poolside party” They started the party at 2, I did not arrive until 6-ish. They were having fun! I made my way into what was a very cold pool and played some volleyball with a beach ball with a few other girls and a dude. There were actually 2 guys there and the one was pushed into the pool…which was funny until he found his phone at the bottom…then it was Hilarious!

Left her party around 8 and packed up for Oil Creek training run #3 (two for me). My city had their fireworks Fri night so I didn’t sleep early and found myself waking at 3:45 the next morning to leave for PA. I left around 4:30 and made it to the park around 6:30ish. GREAT time! No traffic or fog! I met Nick, who I’ve seen his name everywhere and it was great to meet him finally. He posted the pic below of everyone. I am on the far right in pink. Nice tuft of pig tail sticking out. Gale is over on the left in the blue stripes. Nick is in blue next her. I spent the run/hike mostly with the two ladies near the center in pink and blue, Mary from the first time out there and a new friend named Christine (not sure if she spells it that way).

I ran to the bathroom before we started so I was way behind from the get-go. I ended up hiking it mostly with the other two ladies. Still a GREAT work out and lovely day! I didn’t want to push too hard, especially since I’m not even out of physical therapy yet! Along the way we accomplished such things as climbing over, under and through downed trees blocking the path, going over rivers and sliding down hills. It was the same path as last time so I was sad I didn’t see something new, but being able to do better than before gave me more confidence about the process.

Gale lost her group at one point and turned around crossing our path. My group decided to get to Miller Farm and turn around on the trail. We reached the farm around 7.75 miles. On the way back they slowed up a bit but I was ready to be done! They said they didn’t mind if I took off so I did, I was a woman on a mission! And quiet reflection for a few hours. I’m getting much better about being on my own out in the woods. I only got lost twice, and barely for that long and only due to weather related damages of the trail. At any rate, I shaved quite a bit of time off my return loop so I was pleased. All in all I did almost 16 miles. I didn’t remember to wear garmin so I don’t have a print out or exacts.

After the run and when I got home I relaxed minute. Later I got a text from Abby asking to go to Kentfest. I agreed because I really wanted to go and put on my recovery/miracle socks. She picked me up at my place and we grabbed our friend Charlie and headed over. Walked around a lil but then settled in at Ray’s. We remained there well after 1AM just talking and laughing and having an amazing time! Now please note I did say I was up at 3:45 and remained up until after 1. Yeahhh I was feeling a special kind of tired when I made it to my bed.

Sunday I slept in like it was my job. Then I killed some time, cleaned the house and got ready for my fabulous plans with Mr B. He arrived on time and we went over to see a play. It was an outdoor play, where my silk dress was massively out of place. He teased me a ton for this! He was in shorts and a tee shirt so yeah we made an interesting pair. We were also the youngest people there, not being escorted by parents by about 30 years. Cool play though. Next we went to my place to change! Haha. Then out to dinner at Texas Road House (holy yum) where we stacked menus in front of him like we used to do with folders in school so I couldn’t see him. We had them side to side then on top. Waitress comes over and looks at us and I can’t stop laughing…she says “it’s OK some people need three menus”. After dinner we got ready for the orchestra and fireworks at Blossom, but first a stop at SKIP playground. Note: swing never cease to be fun. We probably looked like freaks running around, sliding down polls and playing tic-tac-toe but I don’t really care!

We arrived at Blossom where it was a hassle to get in due to our names not being “on the list” anywhere. Finally I met up with some people at the trailer/office and we were let in. We said HI to a ton of people and finally settled down in some grass to listen to the music. The fireworks were nice and it was overall a really wonderful night. Great atmosphere/event and even greater company. Then we bought eggs and milk at the gas station at like midnight (hahah) hung out at his place and made breakfast in the morning. I tried my bestest to make him a Mickey Mouse pancake, but an ear fell off ) ; This date only lasted 26 hours. HAHAH “only”. I’m jealous he was able to run a 5-miler yesterday, but choices need to be made when it comes to safe training and events. (Did I just say that? Wow) ( ;

Now I am just hanging out at home, cleaning up a lil and being glad it’s only a 3 day week for me. Fri is my bday and I will be going out of town with Tom for his cousin’s wedding. Good times…great times! Hope everyone else had a nice weekend. Order is going in for Bondi Bands do not worry and please remember to leave your contact info if you need a sample of Marathon Bars.

4 thoughts on “Fourth of July Extravaganza!

  1. It really is different being out in the woods, alone for that many hours!! I kept thinking I heard someone behind me. That experience made me decide that I either have to be done in 10 hours (screw the 12 hours, it's gunna be dark by then), or stick like glue to others so I am NOT in the dark alone. My heart will stop with fear!!!!!!

    Sounds like the date went GREAT!! 😉

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