Feeling more like me

Getting back on track after a vacation usually takes a minute or two for most people. Oddly I felt more like myself this week than I have in more recent weeks.

Monday I didn’t do too much. The wonderful Mr B came over and we watched Sherlock Holmes (and it was a great movie) while we ate Domino’s pizza since neither of us have tried the new stuff yet. Personally I loved the seasonings on the crust. The rest was nothing special. Emme has decided to stop growling at him (I think it’s because he gave her a monkey) however she did insist on putting her face between us while we were on the couch.

Tuesday I went to Toastmasters. I was so tired, but I wanted to go because well, I just enjoy hearing people talk at times. I’m glad I went too! Robert gave the most amazing table topic. We had to “sell” products like we were on TV. He was given some type of glass tube (quite umm phallic) and it has re bulbs in it. He was going on and on about how romantic it was and any woman would be glad to have such a statue. I thought I would DIE laughing given the chance. When it became Paul’s turn he says in his speech “Thanks Robert, Freud would have a field day with your speech” I was thinking THANK GOD I’m not the only pervert! Later we talked about upcoming Prac and he offered to help me get my experience hours to get my CDCA! Score!

Wednesday I went up to Berea and did part of the brick. Since I’m just getting back into it I only did the bike portion…plus I had plans with Alannah. So Pati and I rode our bikes and I was so pleased with the company and how I felt during it. At the end my shoe got stuck inside my toe clip and I went crashing to the ground. My hip/ass hurts soooooo bad. Luckily I barely scraped anything else. Afterward I went to Alannah’s where we watched the latest True Blood and then hung out with her sister and her sis’s friend until midnight. Fun! Note the amazing bruise I captured on film, compliments of the bike fall.


Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting fellow blogger Elizabeth. I gave her some samples of my Marathon Bars and we had a quick chat before heading our different ways. She is much better at using a real training plan than I am…and is using one based on mental training. I…well WE…could all learn a lot from her to stop on by her page. After seeing her I met up with Gale for a run with CRTR. I envy what they can do but also fear going with them because they are all so much stronger on the trails! This is the group I got lost with the first time I went out. That ended up being OK since I met Rachel, but still I want to be good not last. I didn’t make it the WHOLE run, I turned around before the 1/2 way mark. Still I cut it by less than .5 miles so nothing too major. Also, about a half mile into the start I fell and twisted my ankle, I tried to walk it off but it kept hurting more and more so it’s probably good I only managed to do 4 miles. I met another Stow person and that was cool and then another guy who is his friend. Both were doing the Buckeye Trail 50K tomorrow.

**Good Luck to ALL who are doing the 50K tomorrow**

Today was an easy day. Work was all about getting billing done so I made summaries all day. Tedious? yes. Stressful? NO! After work I hung out with the sister person for a lil since Emme was on a play date. Then took Em over to Tami’s for a grooming appointment with her daughter. She is now a beautiful baby and smells yummy too!

See? I was all active and social this week! More me than I have been in a minute or two! This weekend is full of relax and sun and of course fun with Mr. B! Tomorrow we are attending Alannah’s play and then Sunday we are getting up nice and semi-early to meet Ms Gale and run a 5K in Fairview Park. Good times to be had by all.

Have fun and stay safe this weekend.

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