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Just so everyone knows…the Bondis are in…I will send them soon since I just got back into town last night. Sorry the giveaway was poorly timed on my part

This past weekend kicked off in my mind when I left work on Thursday night. I went home and showered and got ready for an Aero’s game with Mr B. We met up at Luigi’s for dinner…which I love this place…then again anything covered in cheese and pizza sauce is a-ok in my book. The waitress was NOT very good. Poor Mr B got Dr Pepper instead of coke and she barely asked about refills! Yikes. Food was yummy though and we had a fun time. Afterward we went over to the stadium to enjoy the game. I watched parts of it, but I don’t follow it as well as most boys do. I felt bad because at the end of the game I told him I was sorry if I was bad company and he didn’t say anything so I was very broken hearted that he didn’t enjoy himself with me ) ; But I might have just been silly. At one point he almost caught a ball but apparently I was in his way lol. He also bought me dippin dots! Yum! He’s wonderfulness. Tami and Jack skipped out so it was just the two of us. I tried to win stuff with a spinning wheel and all I got was a pencil. Boo. Of course this was the night of the big LeBron James decision so that was all over the board and news at one point….whatever. After the game we went to his house but first he drove me to my car and well I ummmm get snippy when I’m not in charge and I feel things aren’t going the right way. Ooopsy. And I was already upset that he implied I was bad company so I was rather grumpy and bit his head off about going the wrong way. Yeah he looked like I was a whole different person hahaha my bad! Once at his place I got my bday gifts!!! I got a monkey for Emme and a “Would You Rather” calender and the best gift of all, the postsecret book. I do already have it, but it showed such thought and paying attention so I absolutely loved it. My card was cute too. I know I even got a card!

Fri morning I felt like I was gonna die it was so early to get up. I grabbed my stuff and was out the door. I arrived at Tom’s bright and early and discovered…no one was ready. I was told to be there by 630. We did not leave until almost 800. Yikes. I was drugged out on Dramamine too. The car ride down was interesting…I slept most of the way b/c of my pills…car sickness is the WORST. We arrived at the hotel at a good hour and talked to various friends and family of his until a big group of us went to Applebee’s for mine and Gale’s (Tom’s sister not my running partner) joint bday. Oh from Gale I got a bunch of bath stuff from Lush. From Tom I got a puppy frame and a puppy mug. From his Mom I got some yellow pj pants. I also got a pic of myself and Pete from Gale’s wedding, but that is not bday related….and I’m too lazy to scan right now so that’s to be continued. Dinner was good…I was finally starting to not feel like crap at dinner. After dinner we went to Sonic (haha LOVE their ice cream!!!!) and to bed. Well to bed for me bc I dunno these peeps anyhow. Tom stayed downstairs to talk to family and got an earful from drunken Billy on technology and wiring monkey’s brains to computers. WOW count me out of that convo stat! ( :


Sat morning we woke and I felt 100% better. We got ready and had breakfast with his sister and Carlos. Then we got ready for Mammoth Cave! Exciting! Spoke to a few more people before finally leaving for the caves. The night before when I met people we had met Ryan and Andrea…Andrea is the kind of girl who is so insanely beautiful she makes me nervous. She comes over to us at breakfast and says “I need to chug some ice water” and proceeds to drink Gale’s water. Then says “when you wake with vodka breath you know it was a good night”. Lol. So the caves were cool, but we all agreed we wished he had gotten there earlier to take a longer tour. After the short walk through the cave we walked some trails around the edge. We walked maybe 1 to 1.5 miles and yes it was 90+ degrees in the south but who cares it was fun…right?…for those of us who do that type of thing? Haha. Oh wait that’d be me and Tom. Everyone else wanted to die at various parts. Gale kept calling Carlos “jungle pookie” which I thought was cute. Tom also pointed out different plants and animals. I started doing it too but making things up, such as the famous dinosaur fern! Haha. He showed me poison ivy and told me a bunch of technical ways to know what it is compared to other 3-leaf plants. I narrowed this information down to “If it’s pretty, it’s probably not poison ivy”. I did not get to see a bat! Apparently they were sleeping in different part of the cave. Darn slackers.

After the caves we had to go to the wedding. It was a VERY short ceremony! Also very pretty. Tom and I started playing “What will or will not be at Julie’s wedding” Here is an intermission of the list. Some of these are more legit than others:


WILL be at Julie’s wedding

-My husbands side of the family
-Unity candles
-Breakfast reception
-Personalization during the ceremony

WILL NOT be at Julie’s wedding

-DJs who speak WAY TOO MUCH
-The dollar dance
-Too much religious emphasis
-Bet’s on how long it will last ( ;
-Giraffes. No seriously.

At the church some of the group we came in added a prayer card to the stack. It was on behalf of Julie (the bride…Tom’s cousin) for Ben (another cousin) because “The devil has him by the drink”.


We had to kill some time before the reception and it was at the hotel so Tom and I hung out up in our room for a while. When we went down to the reception we didn’t have long to wait for the bridal party to arrive. The food was amazing! However the groom’s side of the family does not support drinking and ALL of them left after the food! Can you believe it!! How do you miss your own son’s wedding? Sheesh.

We got bored at one point and made a run to Kohl’s for swimsuits. Too bad there was a marathon running through town…no joke. So the roads were closed and it took forever to get back! We couldn’t tell them where we went so Tom lied and said he needed to go to CVS because he had a headache. They all assumed we were off making babies. He missed a family photo even!
During the dollar dance they played one of my fave songs “can you feel the love tonight” and she talked for the WHOLE thing…I’m not kidding…I barely even knew it was on! What was she saying? She (DJ) was trying to get people to give more money…to give 20’s or 50’s or 100’s. She kept calling out the total and asking if we could give a lil more. It was like wedding meat market or telethon! I am also posting what their wedding song first dance together song was because I thought it was pretty. Oh and… last song. One that made me laugh and I said to Tom “They wrote a song about me?”

Another highlight of the wedding was Ben waiting to hear Bye Bye Bye and swearing he knew all the moves….yeah not to much. It was great to watch though!

I know I missed a lot…but these are the things I”m remembering now…I can add stories later too…no rule against that happening!

Tom and I did got to the hot tub for a tad after the wedding and then I went to sleep. OH our room had a heat lamp in the bathroom…I didn’t want to come out! Sunday we thought we were leaving around 8….we left around 12. Yikes. I was so sick and miserable the who ride home. We stopped for food and I couldn’t eat. I had to wait outside b/c the smell of the food made me sick. So weird. Finally made it home around 9 and ended up back at Mr B’s by 1030. When he took me to get food because he is a total sweetie! We watched Futurama and hung out. This morning he had all my stuff ready for me and oatmeal and a bowl set out. He’s amazing. If we keep seeing each other he’s going to be winning the bestest boyfriend ever award.

Well this post is now long enough. But that is how my bday weekend 2010 went. I’m 26 now. Woot?

***First Couple song***

***Can you feel the love…just because I like it***

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! Happy Birthday! πŸ˜€

    Oy Vey about the dj!!! Our dj was turning down the vocals on some songs and singing them himself. Somewhat disturbing, but HILARIOUS! It takes a special person to dj weddings I think…

  2. Haha, when you told me about “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” you failed to mention that it was about his Grandma! Was definitely not expecting that one.

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