BBQ ride & Let’s Go Tribe!

Last week I really feel like I did good things for my physical and emotional health. Too bad I went out every night, which I don’t like to do too often. Tuesday I went to Toastmasters, and heard amazing speeches from the club. I like the nights where I don’t have a job, I can just sit back and actually relax with what is going on. The funny things was, earlier that day I had a mishap with Mr B not knowing what a slip is….I spoke about it at table topics and ended up winning! How cool.

Wednesday I went to the brick up in Berea Falls again and actually did the whole thing! Pati and I did the 12ish mile loop…when I discovered I once again lost the computer chip on my bike (probably when I crashed last week) and can’t tell MPH anymore. I will have to start carrying Garmin with me. After the ride we went out onto the trails…I was so tired, but I had a TERRIBLE day at work and needed the release. So we ran for 15 minutes before turning around on the trail and heading back.

Thursday I was supposed to go do another trail run with CRTR…I did not. See, my oldest running friend told me he was moving away (which I knew) but it turns out he leaves the 27th and I was thinking he was here until the end of August! Needless to say there was a change in plans and I ended up over at his place. We had homemade mac & cheese with ham and peas and asparagus. We also made Xmas cookies…I bought him a kit at Xmas time and we never got around to using it! Yikes! So we had fun. Oh and he gave me a belated gift. Personalized stationary, post-its and a note pad with giraffes and on name. So thoughtful.

Friday night I was supposed to go and do a 5K with Tom up his way. However, it turns out there were massive storms coming through the area and Tom didn’t want to do the race with his family coming to town. OK then. I spent the night at home instead, just relaxing and getting things done around the house. Started cleaning the turtles aquarium, finish that on Sat. Mom gave me a toothbrush to use, the algae was so bad! I’m sorry turtles! Now they’re lovely though and oh so happy! We had huge storms that night and Emme came in to cuddle with me.

BBQ Ride

Sat I woke bright and early and headed out the door to the Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation in Cleveland. Tom arrived late, but so did the main people for check-in so it’s all good. It was insanely hot that morning and I was not looking forward to the ride to be totally honest. Since my bike computer is gone I remembered to grab my Garmin before heading out the door. We started around 930 and lunch was to be served at 1130. Tom needed to get home so we agreed to ride about an hour out and then an hour back. Well, I forgot Tom is a much faster casual rider than I am. And I didn’t want to get too exhausted since I had some errands to run and then was going to an Indians game that night. I was also supposed to do a 10 mile run on Sunday. So I spent the first hour pretty much just being in a bad mood. It was long and slow and boring to be totally on my own, and hot. Also, it makes it worse when you hear everyone else talking to each other and you’re alone. So I made it an hour, which was about 11.5 miles. I turned around and headed back. Along the way I saw some cool things, like snakes and frogs and turtles. Part of the ride was along the Towpath section we ran the new Towpath 10 & 10 from earlier this year. For part of the ride back a gentleman who is highly involved with STOMP rode with me…so I loved the company.

After the ride we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch for a moment. And I was terrified that a wooly bear climbed on me! See when I was younger I was terribly allergic to them…I would break out in horrid hives. I spent the whole day and night worried I was going to look at myself in the mirror and see giant red itchy dots all over my body.

Sat afternoon I went on a mission and bought orangeade for me and Mr B…placed it in a cooler with ice and water. Drove them an hour to his house, only to find he had just brushed his teeth so he couldn’t drink it! Oh man! We went out the door and went to the Indians game. They were playing the Tampa Bay Rays and I guess this was the first time since like 1994 or something that they’ve beaten us at home. Bummer. The tickets we had were fantastic! 4th row. I learned how Choo is an amazing player. The theme for the game was Christmas in July and an actor from A Christmas Story was there. In the 9th inning they had “trip dog dare” and gave different people in the big screen dares to do. I need to learn what I look like because one couple had “kiss the person next to you” and I thought to myself (oh no, what if you don’t like the person next to you) and B says to me “kiss me” or something like that and I was like “why” and he’s like “That’s us on the screen!” Sure enough it was us! I was so excited…but I was unsure of the proper level of PDA so I just gave him a quick kiss.

Oh and here is our pic with Santa.


Today I just spend the day being’s starting to kick in that soon enough I’ll be in school again and will HAVE to do stuff on Sundays. I’m going over to Alannah’s for some True Blood. Although it was cooler today and the humidity broke I didn’t go running. Boo. I shall run tomorrow night. I also need to finish my speech for Toastmaster’s Tuesday night.

Hope everyone else was fun and fit this week! Let’s see what we can all accomplish in the next week.

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