And the thunder rolls

The thunder rolls
And the lightnin’ strikes.
Another love grows cold
On a sleepless night

I know I’ve been terrible with graphs lately, but really, how many people care too much about them except for when you’re doing something special? Ohh a hill? Yea I’ve seen ’em before, I know what they are….so what? (sigh) or maybe it’s because I’m being lazy? Nope, it’s not that.

We all know all I managed to do last weekend was the BBQ ride. Monday I had high hopes of getting that 10 miles in…and all I know is it reminds me of the Airplanes song, Eminem’s part

cuz he never risked shit he hopes and he wished it but it didn’t fall in his lap

So I need to do some serious remotivating here! Regardless this hasn’t been a bad week for me. On the exercise front I managed to do an hour on the treadmill after my lovely Mom fixed it for me. So because I normally run 5 miles in an hour BUT had the incline up to all holy heaven I bet I managed maybe 4? I was watching Gossip Girl at the same time. Wow that show has gotten nuts. Tuesday I didn’t do any work out. Wed I went to do a group run in the park. We arrived (myself and Gale) and knew it was going to rain “later” well later didn’t get the memo and all of sudden as we’re about to cross the road we hear the weather sirens going off. Of course I’m about to crap my pants because I am convinced I will die in a tornado and everyone around me is teasing me and singing the “do-da-do-da-do-do” from the wizard of OZ. Grrrr. Luckily we did not die int he storm and I lived to see another trail.

Thursday we went out with CRTR and I was all determined to do the WHOLE route so help me god! Well I did! Somehow Gale did more than I did, even though I was following people and they claim they didn’t cut the course. Grrr. 4.24 miles in under an hour on the crazy trail! I cut a minute per mile off my time from two weeks ago when I went out with them. And I was not the last one in! I ran in with a few other guys. This course was fun, despite all the hills and rocks and trees. Again I crossed a river and ran through shrubbery taller than myself. At one point I leapt over a fallen tree which was a bad idea because the leg I pulled up in my leap got a huge charlie horse in the calf. Boooo. Still I felt bad ass. At the end of the race Gale was so kind as to point out I was wearing my shirt inside out. WHat?? I’m talented.

After the run we all went to Panini’s where we watched some karate competition and the Indians VS NY game. At one point the catcher went down HARD (like around the 8th inning I want to say) and none of us could figure out why and the replays weren’t helping. I tried to get MR B to tell me, but he didn’t answer ) : He claims his phone was dead..I think he was ignoring me since he was out at the game. Luckily Tami’s son was also at the game so Tami was able to tell me how the pitcher threw a different ball than what the catcher signaled so the ball slammed into his leg/knees! Tami’s son is a catcher so he knows how much that can hurt. OUCH! We all had way too much fun making fun of the Shake Weight. Have you seen this thing?

I mean should any man be making that motion, all sweaty and saying “oh yeah that’s it”. Hmmmm.

We also talked about the pros and cons of having your significant other race with you. Gale asked if Mr B would be joining us anymore and I told her that’s kind of a sore subject. Mr B does not race to be social, he runs to serve a purpose and while I completely respect that I won’t pretend I’m not bummed about it. I mean when you’re single you imagine what the ideal date would be like…and I really wanted someone who would run with me. I get jealous of the couples and their sweaty salty kisses at the end. I want that! BUT…and here is the BUT because I am not trying to guilt him. It is not the most important thing. I run for ME and when my friends are there it makes it better, but when I first started to run I didn’t want my dates around because it was MY personal time away from them. And really he asks and he cares and he knows what goes into it, so what’s the problem? Really there isn’t one, I’m just bummed he can’t be a part of it as much as I would have liked him to be. Can I help it? He’s like my own special new toy and I wanna show him off to everyone. WOW how bad did that sound? Haha.

Tonight Gale and I did the Sunset Relay 6K (each person does 3K on a cross country course). I did the race with Pete last year. I thought I ran faster this year (1.88 in 20:39 per Garmin) but I don’t know for sure since their site is being all ghetto and not displaying past results currently. I worse one of my Team Marathon tops…pictures to follow in a later post. I didn’t like it…kept riding up in the front. After the run I felt very very ill and since Gale needed to leave anyway we called it a night. I’m home now and feeling much better. I do plan to read and go to sleep here soon.

No plans with B this weekend…he’s having boy time. I am really excited though because Gale and I are volunteering with a wonderful group of ladies, Grunt Girl Racing and we will be at mile 80 of the 100 mile Burning River race. Should be quite the experience! Need to charge my camera. It’s an over night thing too, so oooooh atmosphere! Sunday we might go to the fair, I should buy Emme a duck…haha and then to dinner. We being my Mom and younger sister. Nothing too fancy, but that’s OK with me I just wanna chill and read and tan and whatever. Next weekend is either the Black Squirrel Tri with Tom or another OC training run.

Have a safe and happy weekend all!

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  1. Hahaha! The Shake Weight. I remember the commercials for girls a while ago. SNL did a hilarious parody of it, even though the real informercial is just as ridiculous. I can't believe they even went so far as to make a men's version.

    I hope you're having an awesome weekend so far! xo

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