What Plan B isn’t…

Last Saturday I was on the Metro Park bike ride and we stopped at a local place for lunch. While the food was exceptional, rated “5 trees” per TK, it was actually the company we kept that made this trip special. Tom and I arrived and saw several other people from the ride; one man waved us over to sit at his table. I had never met this man before, and honestly forget his name now. As we settled in and began to talk he made a comment and it created this thought process for the rest of my week, he said, “Well, isn’t that what life is about? Learning to deal with plan b?”

I don’t know, is it? Actually, I do know and I think that’s 100% true, the problem is most of us think of “plan b” and we make it equivalent to “failure”. When forced to deviate from our original plan we spend inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out where we went wrong, how to get back on track or just plain feeling sorry for ourselves. Too many times we forget to consider if this alternative path is in a way better for us.

Applying this logic to my own life, here are some hiccups I should be looking at differently.

Back/foot injury. I’ve spent 2-3 weeks complaining about not being able to go outside and play. Instead I should have been calling friends I never see during the school year. I should have been working on my tan, reading, cleaning my room….anything I normally let fall by the wayside. If new plans weren’t the answer I could also see how sitting out for these few races has granted me the kick I needed to remember my love for my sport. Instead of simply going through the motions, I miss what I do and I will do a better job of training better. I want to do the 50K now; I don’t dread the intense training. Last night, I had the honor of watching and cheering at the Flag Day 5K. For the first time I was able to watch a lot of my friends and idols in action! I was able to stand and clap and smile and cheer, things I wish more people would do. Also, I was able to see passion. Passion from the 5 minute milers going for money and PRs, passion from 15 minute milers who are just pleased to be out doing something they enjoy on a Wednesday night. No one really matches, no one really looks that “pretty” and lots of people make noises like they are dying. It really puts things into perspective.

Internship. (sigh) yes I am a little bitter about Prac this summer. But WAIT. If I were in Prac this summer, I would be in class not able to train. I would be studying for comps, not able to do my sponsorship. Perhaps these blessings are worth the delay? And when it comes to Internship in the spring? Well, the answer is unclear. I would LOVE to be done with school in the spring…LOVE IT, Still, if I have to do a different round of internship in the fall and this is what I need to be the best possible counselor for my future clients, then who am I to be so selfish? It would allow me to keep my job, allow me to keep my benefits, maybe in a way allow me to keep my sanity? It’s exciting to think I will be exposed to two different clinics, two different styles andddddd I’d get a summer break! If I save enough $$ I might be able to take that study trip to London next year.

Those are my major two issues, but even minor changes can be scary and well worth it in the end. I spoke to my DR about my allergy issues. Now I am on a new medication and HOLY COW I am better! I am sleeping at night (it’s nice) and more importantly than that…I am BREATHING. You don’t realize how compromised your breathing is until it no longer is and you’re like “ahhhhh”. All this oxygen and sleep has turned me into a new person, full of life and energy. Mind you it might be a side effect of my prednisone, but even if I lose 50% of this improvement, it’s still a HUGE improvement over where I was. Change? Yep. Plan B? or C? or D? Yep….but not a failure…not a demotion.

Now to leave you all with a braces update and good news

Braces: new wire on the bottom as of Monday. The button on my left tooth came off like 3 times. I was in the chair for hours while they glued and poked me. Grrr. Top wire was not able to be changed, the wire had moved and part of my teeth were no longer aligned. WHY? I follow the rules! Still, it wasn’t a set back. My “baby” teeth with the buttons are now wrapped around the back teeth to prevent movement. My teeth feel like tiny little chickens held up in their coops. If I could get a pic…it looks that way too! The brackets on the bottom are exposed again so more tongue cuts, but minor. The process is moving along. Didn’t like the massive migraine I had Tues night…but I’m back to eating normally so all’s good.

Good News??? Ready???

I get to RUN tomorrow night!!!

Tomorrow is the Jackson Night Glow 5K. My second favorite race of all time. Mind you when you run 100+ events in a year haha that’s saying a lot! I was near tears thinking I was going to miss it this year. Physical Therapy this morning says he doesn’t see anything massively wrong with me. Taking it easy and the meds must be helping. SO, I get to run tomorrow….but take it easy, to see if anything happens.

If Fri goes well and I feel up to it I can walk/run my 10 miler on Sunday. Not sure if I will, I really don’t want to be out much longer cuz I started back too soon. I’m set up for M & F appt for the next 2 weeks. We could cancel after that is I’m better, or extend it out another 2 weeks. Bleh. Last time it only lasted 2 weeks. I’m a very very happy camper! Hope everyone else had a good week, and have a safe and fun weekend!

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