Wadsworth 4-miler & random training run

Wadsworth 4 miler

Friday night I went and did the Wadsworth 4 miler. First race report I ever did! I reviewed what I wrote last year and here are the points I was working on..

1. Not dragging my feet
2. Not clenching my fists
3. My feet keep going numb (both)

I finished the race in 40-something like 40:51 I think to be honest. THIS year it’s kinda nice to think I’ve all but corrected my fist issue. I don’t clench, I don’t lift higher than 90 degrees and it’s so efficient, it really helps when doing hills. Thinking about it I don’t think I drag my feet hardly ever anymore and it helps too when I’m not tripping over myself and everything else. It’s insane to think I was having feet going numb issues. I actually remember that happening. I would suffer in one pair of shoes and change instantly into another and want to cry! This year I ran a very similar pace/over all time. I was massively bummed because I left right from work and left Garmin and Ipod at home. AHHHHH I need my electronic distractions! Honestly at the end I was surprised how nice it was to be left along with my thoughts for over half an hour.

We started off in front of the school as usual and made our way up the hill, I never stopped which made me feel like a winner! Up around the bend and back down and into the neighborhoods. In the past there was a water stop there, but not this year. Later when I took the survey I mentioned this “issue”. Down into the cemetery and through some gravel paths and pretty stones. I managed to not stop at this hill either. Prior to this we hit mile 1 and I heard 9:54 so I was pleased…we kept going and it was so HOT and HUMID and I needed some water! Yikes! Mile two came and I heard 19:03. WOWOWOWOWOW Too bad I couldn’t keep it up in that heat without water! Grrr . I walked and started getting chills (boo) so I made to the water and walked even more, sadly. I started running a little after that and made it to mile three later in the neighborhoods and heard 30:41 (which was almost the same time as last year at this point). I was sad I wasn’t faster, but glad I wasn’t completely ruined. I kept running until the end, really pushing it down the last part. Luckily some kids were outside with squirt guns and nailed me in the back, side, war and face….nice and cooled down! A little more down some other kids had a sprinkler aimed at the street….godsends. So I know we’re almost at the end and I’m telling myself not to give up, if I managed a 9-10 minute pace it’ll be a PR. So I go as much as I can and I sprint down the paved path the flags and I’m hoping so badly it’s some good news. I see 41:30-ish and I’m massively bummed. Not too much slower than 2009, but still I wish I would have down better. Good news, no pain and I’m getting my speed back so I gotta pick my battles as I keep saying.

Stood around and ate watermelon and stood in sprinklers. Gale got 3rd in her age and other than that we just talked and then took off.


I wasn’t planning to do any more running the whole weekend. Sat I went to Brunswick to meet with a guy we’ll call MrB for now. We went out to the Strongsville rib cook off and it was an awesome time. I won’t be weird and talk about mental/emotional details so let’s just go over the facts. Went to the ribs, made a stop at CVS where he bought me some plastic dinosaurs. Ribs were yummy and afterward we went for a short hike/adventure in a local park. The bugs tried to eat us alive and saw (2) baby raccoons! We ran away from the bugs and drove around locally for a tad talking and looking for something to do. Tried to rent Labyrinth from Family Video but lucked out and it was on Netflixs. Went to Walmart to walk around. Walmart was amazing fun! We hula hooped twice, the first time making fools of ourselves, the second time they we water weighted and we managed to get them to work! Much to the entertainment of the workers. Saw some of my marathon bars (I modeled with them) had the Dr Scholls foot thing tell us about our arches and tested our blood pressure. Played with some bouncy balls, which made a kid want one but he was told no. HAHAHA. Spend so much time walking around in there talking and just having fun! Then we went back to his place to watch the movie. After the film we stayed up talking more and I ended up crashing on the couch. In the morning we spent more time talking and sipping coffee and then decided to go out for a run together. He needed to put in a 7 miler and I agreed to try for it. Yeah it was like 90 degrees out there! What the crap! We ran almost 2 miles before I had to walk…then I didn’t feel too well and we turned around and talked more. We ran almost the last mile in, him running off in front of me at a faster speed at the end. I feel good I put in some extra mileage for myself. I feel badly I ruined his run. He says he can just swap tomorrow’s 3 miler and today’s 7 miler. I wanna believe it! Haha.

I know I promised a giveaway today but I am le tired and just wanna go to sleep. I’ll post something tomorrow loves…my bad!

3 thoughts on “Wadsworth 4-miler & random training run

  1. Glad to hear that there was no pain at the 4 miler! 🙂 Sounds like you did great!

    And thanks for the comment on my blog. I posted that I didn't need samples because I too got my 288 bars! 🙂 So I won't send my address since… well… I have plenty! 🙂 let me know how the giveaway goes. I'm hoping to do mine this week at some point. Have a great week!

  2. I've gotten chills before when running in hot, humid weather. It always freaks me out, and I get dizzy etc. Good on you for making it to the finish!

    Saturday sounds fun too! 🙂

  3. Since I am coming back from injury, I also pick my battle, I count small victories, did I run a mile faster than expected, or ran a whole mile without walking or ran without music or was I able to run without pain or ran with good form.

    Don't forget also that evening races are harder depending on what you have been doing all day.

    Good job on hanging till the end.

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