Serenity NOW!

I have no idea why that’s my blog title, other than the fact that Seinfeld is on and that’s the episode. Wow how many times can I put “that” in a sentence?

After the too hot to handle run on Sunday I haven’t had too much exercise fun. Went to physical therapy on Monday, went to toastmasters on Tuesday and saw the lovely Alannah where we ate yummy Chinese food and watched us some True Blood. Tonight I was supposed to go for a run with the Trotters, however I managed to get lost driving there (surprise surprise) and went home. Despite the break in the heat and my need to take advantage of it, I really just wanted to go inside and watch TV. Instead, I grabbed my bike and put in a short cute 10 miler. Felt good about it and now I have comments coming in from Abby and we shall go riding together soon because our bikes are cousins and family needs to stick together. HAHA.

Tomorrow I will attempt a not so technical trail with the CRTR and should not get lost. Friday I am going to Liz’s for “the wedding is off” pool party. Sat I will get up before the birds and head on over to PA for a training run/hike. Sooooo excited, it’s so pretty and the other trail peoples are so fabulous and I love them and they make me smile! Not sure if I’ll go out Sat night or not. Sunday is our nation’s holiday!! How will you celebrate? Myself…

I am attending a play with MrB. Who’s name I’m changing because he thinks he sounds like a secret agent. Not sure if he’s THAT cool (tee hee) so I think I will change it to….Q104 because that’s what he listens to in the car. ( ; Yeah we’re going to a play and then touring my city and then going to Blossom for orchestra and fireworks. I worked at Blossom for 5 years and have lived near it for almost 26 and I have never attended an orchestra event! I’ve always wanted to, do you KNOW how excited I am?

Remember to send me your addy if you want free food and also if you won a BondiBand! I leave you with this….the newest addition to my IPOD

3 thoughts on “Serenity NOW!

  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! 🙂 And the event at Blossom sounds fabulous! 🙂 Enjoy it!

    So excited about the BondiBand! I definitely can use one! 🙂 My addy is 65 Columbus Ave. Delaware, OH 43015. 🙂

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