It has lumbar support & shiz!

The above statement was overheard by me and my Mom as we left for lunch this afternoon. Except it was not the PG version. One of our neighbors was bragging about his “new” 1997 Pontiac.

This was an incredibly amazing and busy weekend! Before we start that though, you should all we aware tomorrow is my 1 year blogoversary…..yes it’s a real thing! There will be a great give-a-way so make sure you come back this week for details.

Jackson Night Glow 5K

So how have things been? Well as we all know I was allowed to run in the Jackson Night Glow 5K on Friday. I am happy to report I made it the whole route numbness & pain free! Looking at Garmin it appears I did my first mile in 9:36, followed by 11:30 and 10:44 and the last piece of course. I’m glad I pulled a 9-something although last year I pulled an 8:45 or something which was SO fast at the time. Not sure how or why I slowed down so drastically the second mile. I know there was a hill, but I didn’t walk it too much and I did have to wait at the water stop b/c they ran out of prefilled cups but that shouldn’t have made such a difference. Also, I was trying to keep it slower being afraid of going numb and ruining my fun. Then once I didn’t go numb for the last mile I picked it up more and enjoyed the night. Here are some photos of me and Gale. We have, us before the race…looking all festive in our glow sticks. I think we were also trying to be “punk” or something but really I just ended up looking like I am about to race the special race. Haha. Then we have us afterward looking all hot and sweaty and as winners, we’re # 1! I also noticed there were no pics of our feet….and we were wearing glow sticks! So a pic of my shoes/sticks looking normal and another pic of how they were glowing! Imagine that all over and on over 1,000 people! Simply awesome!


My lower back was hurting a little and I didn’t want to sit around all day letting it feel tight. So Emme and I went for some Spring Sprees in the Metro Parks! We did 4 of the 5 required. The first one was right by our house and is a long, no shaded stretch of bike path. We did a .5 mile loop and she was soooooo hot at the end! She curled up under the floor on my car and bathed in A/C and drank some water. Poor baby. Next we went to Horseshoe Pond and we both liked this route. It was only .25 and went partially around the pond. She enjoyed the geese and the bullfrogs and pine cones and everything under the sun….and shade. Then we were off to the covered bridge trail (.25). She has done this before and liked the footprints from the horseshoes. We ran into some random biker guy who was telling me all about how the covered bridge once washed away but some historical society rebuilt it. I thought he was going to kill me. I watch too much Criminal Minds! Finally after getting lost a little we arrived at Ira (.50). Another flat bike path, but better covered and much more populated. We met some little kids who petted her and laughed at how she’s smaller than their cat. And we met an older couple who were on their way to Africa for a safari. Apparently they go on fossil exhibitions 6 months of the year all the time. How amazing is that? Mucho jealous right here!

Towpath 10-10

Earlier today was the first ever Towpath 10-10. They hosted a 10 miler and 10K on a part of the Towpath not previously used for racing. I was VERY nervous about running this given my injury. It was supposed to be wacky tie race for Father’s Day so I decked myself out in one….don’t mind the unbrushed hair. They did nothing with the ties (and side note, I had to tuck it into my shorts and it chaffed something wicked, so thanks for nothing!)

I arrived a lil late and Gale was freaking out….but we made it to the start “just in time”. Then they waited for 7 minutes. I still do not know why we waited for 7 minutes. I dropped my beans 2x in the first mile and was taking it very slowly. I stopped at mile one for the port-o-let…didn’t have time before the run. Put beans in my bra cuz they kept coming unpinned….NOT a good idea. I’m missing part of my left boobie again. ) ; So I’m jogging along and I can see at a turn around point, I’m one of the last 4 people. Ugg. What if I have to walk? That’s the thing with “new” races….slower people don’t come out for them so you better know what you’re doing. Slowly I made it to mile two and then mile three and I’m not in pain. I’m trying to just take an easy pace and enjoy the day…it’s warm but not too hot in the morning. The Towpath was SO pretty too! Garmin died on me so I had no way of pacing or knowing time, which was a throw back but probably good so I couldn’t play mind games with myself. After mile 3 we went up and over 2 different bridges. I looked out over the land and took it all in, back down into more “forest” area of the path and along the canal. I felt like frogs should be singing and mermaids would pop out. Mile 4 seemed to take forever, but then mile 5 popped right up (it helped to see the other runners on their way back, to kill time) and I realized I’ve made it to the ½ way point and I’m not in pain. I keep my pace steady and occasionally stretch my arms over my head and wiggle my toes to keep things from being too tight. I wore my compression socks too. Near mile 6 I managed to get the time from someone and based on my rough estimate I was pulling around 12 minute miles, with any luck going a little under that…but not by much. I was pleased with that time! Especially since I was feeling so good, in fact over the last few miles I had passed some people!

After mile 6, on the way to 7 things got a little trickier. We were no longer in the shade and it was getting HOT. I took some Gatorade at 7 thinking I needed more than H20 and it hurt my tummy. I kept praying for a burp to settle things out. Slowly made it to 8, and tried to convince myself I only had 2 more to go, keep it up! Everything felt great(ish) other than the heat. Boo. I paced myself with people in front of me and kept going….had to get to the bridges! Well at the first bridge I ran up it, and was out of breath at the top…humid! So I took it east down and back up the next one I walked. At the top of #2 I got a giant wiff of Burger King and wanted to hurl. Made me wonder how I ever think that smells yummy. Things got really tough coming down off this bridge and when I hit mile 9 I began to walk. I didn’t want to, but it was hot and I was dizzy. A guy passes me and says “almost there, c’mon” they all say this though. About 1 song later I see the buildings I know are leading up to the end so I pick it up and go for it. It takes forever to see the finish line…forever!!!!! But I am running/jogging and I’m not numb and I’m not hurting and I’m not (that) sick unlike other 10 milers. I see the clock and I’m bummed I make it across in 2:03-ish. Which given the small race is going to be just about the same for my chip time I’m sure. Actually it’s posted, 2:02:29. Last in my AG. Ha. Oh well I did it! I cared about the time, but mostly I cared that I did it!

After the race we got these free amazing massages. This chick knew her stuff. She pushed and pulled and made it hurt so good and I was walking afterward like I had never run at all! She’s in Brecksville and I’m so looking her up and becoming a paying client. No joke.

The only other thing to mention….as I was leaving the race today. I saw what I thought was a furry octopus in a sewer. I was wrong. It was a collection of either baby ferrets or baby weasels. They were brown and kinda cute…but very creepy in their wiggly pile.

In a long nutshell…that was my weekend. I feel good. Now the sis is over for dinner and I’m headed to a friend’s later for True Blood. Reminder…stop back tomorrow for the give-a-way!

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