Injuries are the worst

This past week I haven’t had too much to write about. I’m fighting an injury and it’s not getting any better. Monday began my choice to work on my core, doing at least 50 crunches and various other moves. Tuesday I watched Glee and did 30 mins with weights and using my balance ball. Wed I was feeling better and decided to go for a run with the Towpath Trotters. It was great to finally put faces to some names and Kevin was very nice and stayed with me the whole time. I got weak before we reached two miles, which sucked and I ended up going numb and walking around that point too. We walked for a while with bits of jogging and then ran in the last mile without too much pain. Thursday my calf was majorly tight. Despite this fact I try to go trail running with the Crooked River Trail Runners. They did 5 miles, Gale and I got a little lost (she probably wouldn’t have it she didn’t wait for me) and we ended up only doing about 3. My leg and foot did go numb. They hadn’t on the trails in the past so this is NOT good.

Friday was Phil’s last day at work…so I baked him a cake, not my finest work, but still it was the thought that counts. We spent countless hours afterward at BW3s playing trivia and talking.


I also found the website for They have (2) amazing things! First, a trail running series that is right down the road from my house. You get glasses for doing each run and if you do all 3 you get a 4th special glass and a hoodie…all for 60 bucks! I’m so gonna jump on that! Secondly, I fell in LOVE with their logo…as in I’m fairly certain it will be my second tattoo (perhaps my first because of location/healing) and here is how I drew it on myself, using my “great” coloring skills (inner wrist, left side). Should (when) I get it, I would probably get it a little lower than this, so it’s more easily covered/semi covered by wearing a watch. If you can’t tell when this should be, it’s swim, bike, run and paddle.
Sat I went to do the bike ride with Tom for Lake Metro Parks. I wore my Team Marathon gear and was very pleased with the cushioning in my booty. I weighed myself and noticed the scale says I gained back all the pounds (how?) however I am down 3 percent body fat. This is probably a better measure so I will not complain. Sadly, my left started hurting before we made it to the halfway point (lunch). I’m not sure what this means, I normally do not have pain while biking. I wonder if it’s because we stopped ALL the time to see the different sales so I was repeatedly lift my leg and pushing on my lower back to get on and off my bike. Lunch was amazing. I had this burger with alfalfa sprouts, red peppers, tomatoes and lettuce. We started back and it wasn’t 5 miles into it that I was in pain. Riding along I could barely keep 8MPH and I normally can pace 12-15 and it was a struggle to keep 8. We had 15+ to go. So we called the van and I dropped out of the event. So sad. I just couldn’t risk a worse injury! The garage sale ride was awesome. I bought a small giraffe picture and Tom and I bought lemonade from a small red headed child.

Sunday I finally planted my chicks and hens, cleaned up my laundry and bought the turtles a heat lamp. Didn’t tan, but that’s because I burned on the ride. OH and Sat night went out with one of my girlfriends to Irish Fest and watched a fun band. Not my fav Irish band ever, and I was bummed because they sold out of orangeade which is my all time fav “fair” drink. I also washed my puppy today. Well my dog. She was such a good girl while I soaped her up, but didn’t like being rinsed and she ran around the house dripping wet while I laughed hysterically. We cuddled on the coach for a while in a blanket and dried, until she was semi-fluffy and could be set free. She’s very lovely now!

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment at 6:50 am! Eeeeeew hopefully she will have good news about my back/leg/foot. Then I get braces updated at 9 and general teeth cleaning at 10:30. Should be a fun week. Guess I’ll go to yoga, Toastmasters and just hang out and be cool. Ahhh forgot to mention I am also starting the 100 pushup challenge. Questions: read about it on the site. I can’t do ONE push up right now. OK maybe ONE if my life depended on it, so it would be an amazing thing to be able to do 100 in a few weeks. When I get to that point, I would love to record it and share it with all of you. Also, as soon as my swim pass arrives, I intend to start what it sorta a water version of the C25K program. At the end of several weeks I should be capable of swimming a mile! Woot. I might end up down for a while, but don’t think I won’t keep up my fitness and me ready to get back on the course! Hope everyone else is having or had a great weekend!

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  1. It's frustrating to be injuried. Keep your chin up! That trail series sounds awesome and I love the tattoo idea! 🙂

    I started the pushup challenge. I too couldn't do one and made my way to about 20 in 6 weeks. I am probably back down to none again though! 🙂 Good luck!

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