I have a nice rack…unfortunately

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter C and the number 36.


Before I get nasty grams from everyone allow me to express that most of the time I LOVE my chest. These things are GREAT they help me look sexy and they make me feel happy and all that other fun stuff. Most men I’ve dated like them too, and I am far from overly blessed and I don’t suffer from back problems. However…I’m not shaped like an athlete.

I began growing breasts in the 6th grade. For some this is a good thing….for the girl who is a tomboy through and through…preferring flannel and jeans to skirts and tanks until college boobies were a disaster. Many still recall fondly when the girls and I did the jump rope contest at field day though…yep good times.

A few years ago when I started running I lost a TON of weight. Prior to running I simply sat on my butt driving a bus all day. My 5’1” frame slowly crept up to and past the 180’s. We had a health fair one day and I think I cried for three days straight after seeing what I weighed. Over the course of the next year I reduced my poundage by about 50. Want proof? Hmm Here is funny proof. We ordered these dresses for my friends wedding. Look at how much room is left in the chest of this thing! Mind you I am STILL a C-cup in this picture! You could hide small children in this dress. And they did not size up or anything, the dress was tight when I bought it and they advised me not to order. Sheesh.

Back to the current problem at hand…my new clothes do not fit. What new clothes? Why don’t they fit? Well get ready for this announcement…


It’s true! I am on Team Marathon Bar for 2010. They are re-branding the Marathon Bar and are looking for active individuals to promote the brand. Anyone who knows me knows I have been saying for YEARS sponsors have the wrong idea. They need to give stuff to the every day people, not the elites. How many elites are there? Not many. How many normal people are there? Like a million. I for one am more inclined to trust what a normal person tells me works, over what an elite says they use. I mean HELLO I don’t run 4 minute miles, I don’t finish a marathon in like 2 minutes. If I did I probably wouldn’t have the same blisters and chaffing as those who are out there doing 20 min miles. Each person is equally dedicated and wonderful…so who is out there cheering for the every day man and women? Marathon Bar, that’s who!

So out of over 1,000 applications I have been chosen as one of the 200 team members. I screamed like a groupie when I saw the email. You know my dog Emme? How she squeals and we say “OMIGAWD it’s the Jonas Brothers”!!! I put her to shame! This email arrived last Tuesday and I’ve been filling out profiles and doing conference calls since then, but I wanted to wait for the clothes, wanted to wait for it to be REAL before telling all of you…and today my uniform arrived. Here is what I am supposed to get…

Sadly…they do not know some people have BOOBS! Grrr. I ordered mediums.. I AM a freaking medium kids! So while they look amazing and feel amazing…I amazingly can’t get them over the girls. Apparently my girls are not the same size as the rest of my body…who knew? I ordered the cycling jersey (which is my favorite) in large so I can keep it…and the shorts are fine. I showed them off at work! However, the Tri top and racing top are on their way to MO for exchange. Let’s hope they get here soon, because I LOVE them and want to wear them ALL THE TIME. Eve on dates, if I had dates to go on…JUST KIDDING. Kidding about what I wear not about not having them. Anyone wanna hook up with a sponsored athlete?

I will post pics of the actual products when the whole family is here…or really it’s because I’m using them tomorrow and what better debut then in action!!!

The products are made by this company Zoca Gear or Zoca Wear from what I can see. It’s a new company and they’re getting great reviews from people. If I saw the product in the store I would certainly consider buying more non-sponsored items. We shall see how they hold up during performance.

In the meantime…go to Marathon Bar’s site and read about their great products. And when our team site is up and running…I’ll post a link to that too. Hope everyone had a great week! I know I did.

5 thoughts on “I have a nice rack…unfortunately

  1. Woo hoo! Congrats to you my dear! So excited to have an Ohio teammate! 🙂

    Okay, so don't feel bad. I got my kit today and everything is TINY too. I ordered the size I normally would. I went a little bigger in the bike shorts and top and am happy that I did that. Im keeping those and the tri top, but sending back the pullover and the tech top. The tech top literally could have been painted on me and had the same effect. 🙂 And the pull over fit great, but the arms were like 2 inches too short. Very bizarre! 🙂 Oh well, we'll get it figured out right???

  2. its ok you two…I dont have girls and they were too small. I am Ron for Las Vegas team marathon! Thanks for following me! I hope to follow you guys too!

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