Goals Obtained

Another weekend of fun and relaxing fun! All week last week I felt like I was dying. I may have mentioned but I messed up my pills and was on the worlds longest ummm “that time” so I felt like I was dead by Friday. Friday night I finally gave in to my Mom’s excellent advice and used my inhaler. I woke Saturday feeling totally refreshed and excited for life! Running around the house slightly and headed off to…

Nordonia Hills Duathlon!

2.5 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2.5 mile run. Back in 2007 I participated in the fitness walk. I watched in awe as people ran, biked and ran around the courses. There was a girl I totally fell in love with (in a sports not gay way) I don’t even remember what “team” she was on, but she was wearing an outfit of matching shorts and jersey. I thought she must have been a celebrity to be dressed like that and I vowed one day I would be “that good”. Interesting turn of events that 3 years later I would make my outfit debut of my fabulous Team Marathon at this very race. Sometimes pipe dreams become realities…even if they don’t play out as imagined. Here I am in the morning, getting ready to leave.

Self portraits are wonderful. I will be that girl who does her hair and make up for my profile pic (hehe). They took pics during the race…not sure how I will ever access those if at all. My first run went rather decently, I wore my compression socks and my calves did not hurt. I finished around 25 mins and was pleased. However, I forgot to push “stop” when I went into transition. Sadly, my left foot was once again numb and I was limping to my bike. I wondered seriously if I should DNF.

I got onto my bike and decided I could at least try that part of it. The first mile felt weird, but it always does in multisport. The second mile was mostly downhill and I was hitting up to 28mph!! Sweet! I passed a few people and felt badass. Then came a hill, a hill I should have been able to climb…with two working legs. I failed and walked my bike up it. (sniffle) then almost all down hill again and I overtook some people. A second lap around the same course and I was ready for the challenge! I made it about 2x as far this time before walking up the hill. Oh well it was something! Coming back around near mile 9 to 10 I was so angry because we encountered the runners and we had to go around them and into traffic which was NOT OK so I had to slow down. Plus I was behind someone who was being all afraid of everything and I couldn’t get past her on the narrow course…so slow and slow and slow I became. I finally shot into the transition zone. My goal was no more than 45 mins….I did it in 49…so close enough for me with an injury!

Back out onto the race course and I was just behind Gale and a few other people. I wanted to run…and I tried to run and I couldn’t. It wasn’t the normal multisport sore, it was my leg acting up sore. I can’t express how much I HATE whatever is happening to my leg. So I walked and tried to jog and walked. Made it to mile “1” around 16 mins, ate a hammer gel….forced whatever I could managed as a run…made it to mile “2” around 15 or 15.5 mins? OK negative split. Then dragging myself over the finish…trying not to cry. I was under 2 hours my like 1 minute. I wanted to be under 1:45. I was devastated. SOMEONE please fix my leg. I have a doctor’s appointment next Monday (sigh). Here are the official times , I completely messed up my Garmin times, need a refresher in useage. I spent the rest of the day hanging around the house. Mom and I rented movies and figured out how to play DVDs from my computer on our new big screen TV. Go us!

(run 1)25:45.4
(bike) 49:27.3
(run 2)37:05.2
(total) 1:59:31.6

Morgana Run! 5K

Words can’t express the love I have for this race. It began in 2007 and we were there…no one else was in my age group so I took first with a like 36 minute time. LOL. We’ve been there every year since. I love the course I love the people I love the pierogi at the end!

I left my house in the middle of a tornado watch. I checked the weather and it was “safe” where I was headed. On my way there I took my car “swimming”. What’s the point of having an SUV if you’re gonna puss out and not get it a little wet or muddy? Here are some pics of the race when I got there. Gale staring into the distance…the “sky” and a gathering of folks…and the two of us. You’d think I was running a marathon not a 5K with my camera happy skills.

We walked and talked and got ready. Then before you knew it, we were off! I shot off from the start with amazing force. It was my goal to ROCK this course…which once upon a time meant finally a sub 29 time…I would have settled for no numb feet. We went past the gas station where the first year a guy was confused and asked me what all the people were doing. I knew I was going FAST. We went up into the main street and I could see the highway. Suddenly I saw the timer and I paused my IPOD, “9:12” umm what?? I looked at Garmin and it was .99 mile. DANG. So I jogged a lil and it chimed “9:17” WOW what was I doing??? So I took a moment to stretch my legs and breathe a min. Off again and I could see I was still running in the 9’s according to Garmin. Paused at the water stop and was so happy with myself. Mile two came and went and I was in the 10:40’s I think for the second mile. The last mile wasn’t going as horribly as I thought until we left the trail and went to cross the road and I felt it…lead…in my left shoe. CRAP. I forced that stump up the next trail and into the finish chute. JUST under 32. Oy.

In a way I made my goal…I killed the course for what I’ve been doing. 5th in my age group (doesn’t count) and in the top 40% overall. Usually I barely make top half. So all in all I was “happy”. But I tell you what. I better get this numb thing fixed.

Monday morning, I tried to do some yoga and I totally hurt my back…which makes me think..yep it’s a pinched nerve. So let’s get this show on the road and get it fixed. All together now…if you clap loud enough…of wait nope that’s Tinker Bell.

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