The power of three

So this weekend was meant to be filled with fun and adventure. Each day I did finish my intended race, but all three had little hiccups I could not avoid.

Run 4 Fun 5K

I thought this race started at 6, but no it was 7 so I needed to kill a bunch of time before leaving work. I couldn’t go home; it was in the opposite direction, so I bought hair ties and stamps as well as other needed items. Once I left, I arrived on site and saw Gale and Ray not too long after. The shirts we were given were umm interesting. Note the picture. Lime green and the design is by a local kid. I know you need to give ‘em props for that but seriously…some designs are better than others. At least I wouldn’t get lost in a crowd. I decided not to bring Garmin…sometimes you wanna run for the love of it. I did drink some water with Nuun just to try it out, and I’ll be posting a review once I find other flavors and use it a few more times. If I like it enough I’m going to get extras and do a give-a-way. No honest I will! For the first time my impression was of the cola flavor, it was VERY much like Diet Coke. Too bad it was a tad like flat Diet Coke. However, it was MUCH better than normal water. And being the resident expert on “get this stuff off my teeth NOW” I can say it did not leave any uncomfortable residue/sticky feelings.

The race itself? To start with, the 7 take off time? Was for the kids run. 5K didn’t kick off until 7:30. Ugg. And we were expecting storms! So we start running finally and I’m feeling really good, in fact I’m feeling awesome!! We get to mile one and I’m thinking I have only heard 2 songs so I have to be moving at a great pace. Well, I don’t have a watch and they don’t have timers. At first I am annoyed by this, but realize it doesn’t change my pace anyway so I stop caring. Besides I was enjoying the kids’ attitudes more. When we started I noticed how happy kids and parents are to run together, for the most part. Parents don’t get upset when they have to take a walk break, and kids will stop for their friends or giggle about anything. It’s a really fun time and I want to be a part of it too! At mile one this pair of 10 year olds looked at each other and the one starts to say “mile one…….right……NOW” and when they crossed the sign each of them leapt into the air with hands raised and yelled “yes!”. I should feel that way when crossing mile one, we all should. I have no idea what happened next because I swear I ran the whole city before eventually seeing mile two. Right before mile two where a grouping of small children. Three of them, and no more than 4 and as we passed they were making fists and moving their arms in front of them chanting “Go runners go runners go runners” over and over. I LOVED it!

Due to the nice weather all week and then the approaching storm is was unreasonably hot and humid. Plus the allergens in this area were “off the chain”. I wish I had a better reason for my poor time…but I don’t. I feel like I had a GREAT work out, and I had a wonderful time fun-wise…but clock-wise…not so much. Let’s say though…I am not alone. Gale who has been running in like 27-28 minutes finished in 31 (I think) so my finish of like 35 when I’ve been doing 32 isn’t the WORST thing ever. Here are some pics of us as we headed to the glorious finish line!

Ms Gale! Looking cute in her pink shortie shorts!

The amazing ROJ and her new bright pink top!

Emerald Crossing Trail Run (4 mile)

I woke up Sat after driving 80-90mph to get home before the tornadoes and it was COLD COLD COLD and windy! I wore so many layers and cursed myself for signing up for the trail race. Drove about an hour to get there and oddly enough arrived exactly as Gale did! So we went into the hotel where registration was being held and started to get our stuff. I felt special because Mickey was doing sign in and he recognized me! I’m famous. Haha. I have to be honest and say the shirts were another disappointment. See the main pic again. I think it was last year they were white with a multi color design. I like multicolor better, personal preference. Still, wicking is always appreciated, and they are an interesting color.

After thinking we had no business being there because there really is no such thing as a fat trail runner…these people mean business! I chose to have some coffee to try and wake up and went to the bathroom one last time. The siren started….and it wasn’t a usual WHIIIIIIRRRRL noise, who knows WHAT it was? Still, we started up the parking lot and into the woods. I was able to keep pack most of the first half mile or so, but then out of no where my stomach flipped on me. This is not good, I already announced to the whole race at start (talking to Gale too loudly) I regret my choice in underwear. So between a homemade thong and feeling like I needed a tree, I was quite unhappy. I bet Beth could feel my pain over at Shut Up and Run! I didn’t have a place to go though…so despite not being too sore from the night before…I walked nearly 3 miles of the trail. Running made me feel like I was going to have a disaster! I completed the course in just under an hour. It was a terrific course with lots of great hills and mud and I nearly wiped out 3 times. The race itself I loved and know I could have done better…if my belly allowed. I even got to talk to some local people who go out on Thursday night for runs, I’ll probably join them. When I finished I dashed off to the restroom, cursed myself for the coffee and was just beyond not well. I spent several hours at home afterward not being well either. Then it passed. Who know what it was from, but it ruined my performance. UGGGGG. Super UGGGG!

Sprint into Spring 5K

Mother’s Day run was lots of fun! I was so upset when I woke up, le tired so le tired. I was going to go bandit, but it was small this year and I feared they would notice and it would be bad. Ended up with another shirt (hmm I wonder which of the three it could be?) I ate 1/4 of a strawberry bagel, went to the bathroom…where they ran out of tissue. Gathered together in the parking lot and waiting for our fate. My legs were asking me things like “Don’t you love us anymore” and I was like “Hey you shut up down there” The race director started to count us down


(me) NO

Get set…..
(me) ohhhh man, not again
GO! *siren *
(me) darn it! (g version)
About half a mile into it we saw the coolest thing, a GIANT tree roots and all came out of someone’s yard. Most likely from the storms on Friday. It took down the power lines and a few other plants in its path. We all went wide in the road to avoid the barriers in place. The first mile wasn’t too bad, but I faded from the group and the time called mile 1 around 10:45. Bleh. I wasn’t in pain though! Mile 2 wasn’t much better. I left my hoodie on and was burning up! Timer called 22:50 and I was like awwww man! 12 minute mile? WHY? I just kicked it up and went as all out as I could manage for the end. I finished just under 35 which means I did pull a negative split for mile 3 and that feels good…it feels GREAT especially after 3 races!

The awards happened quickly and it was great to have an indoor place to chill before and after the run. While waiting for the awards I took part in the arts & crafts. I made my awesome Mommy a card! No seriously, check out my sweet artistic skill! The flower petals are the insides of O’s from the foam letters. I also gave her a rose and these yummy candy sticks. Don’t worry, she also got a gift card from Red Lobster, we took her to lunch and walked around a new metro park center.

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  1. Saw your comment at WrenLife. email me so we can exchange numbers or something. I'm going to the expo on Friday evening to pick up my packet and I'll be stopping by the pacers booth to talk with them.!

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