I’d like to take a step away from all the sports talk, to share a personal aspect of my life.


Monday night I attended a workshop for counseling….actually to learn about art therapy and counseling. I really like finding different and creative tools to possibly use with clients in the future. To me, art therapy really puts the power back with the client. Sure different words can validate a person, and different phrasings can help to run the session where they are speaking more or find they are speaking emotionally and not just factually. However, allowing them to create, allowing them to express without forethought or rules or expectations genuinely grants permission to expose anything and everything.

Our assignment was to create a picture of what shapes/colors/images appear when we think about going to work and being happy. Of course when I think about my current job I am anything BUT happy so that did not work too well. I found myself imagining what I want work to be like one day. How I would get up and wear my nice but casual clothes. I’d gather some lunch materials and walk out the door, perhaps with a folder or brief case of information. Walking through the door I would smile at the receptionist for the agency and greet other therapists or nurses in the hallway, Getting to me desk I would sit down and organize files of who I would see that day. Maybe before leaving the house I would find myself looking in the mirror and saying “You can and you WILL make a difference to someone today”! Thinking about my future job is what gets me through work currently. Remembering why I take on so much, too much, and how worth it so much of it will be one day. Now about the image itself:

The purple walls are just because purple is my favorite color. Red in the center is simply an accent piece, and draws people into the middle of the room. My desk is white and is there only from necessity. In my mind all office furniture and supplies were white, almost sketch-like. The window wasn’t in my mind but when making the image I wanted something on the wall and noticed how the main paper looked like clouds. So, on the image there is a window with birds flying happily, around the image are clouds to show this is all make-believe. On my desk is a stress ball. The blue SAMHSA stress ball I got at ACA this year. One wall has a motivational poster, blank to show motivation can be different for each client. The other wall has my Steve Prefontaine poster, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”. PRE and SAMHSA are to remind me of who I am outside of work and to remember where I came from, as to not forget clients are more than presenting symptoms and have their own journey. We had to title it, so of course I called mine “Someday” and the heart to show how much love I have in my heart for what will be…someday.

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  1. I almost went to school for art therapy after I got my art degree. The only school that offered the program was in Rhode Island! I was married at the time and it was impossible to go… 🙁

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