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This weekend was a very fun and important time for many friends, some who completed their first 1/2 marathon, some who helped a loved one complete their first, others who ran for the love of the sport, and at least one who finished a full marathon and is on her way to Boston.I did nothing running related this weekend. So to honor those who have done so well, I leave this post just as a check -in for resolutions made. I don’t want to take the glory away from my friends and there will be plenty of other “normal” posts during the summer.

1. Spend more time with my friends. This includes trying to make new friends. ..I think I have done OK with this. I see Tom, but I also have done more races so I see Gale and Pati. I’ve done the dating thing which is sorta like making new friends. I joined Toastmasters and the book club with other students, so all in all I am putting myself out there.

2. ENJOY life. Take the time to really think about what I am doing and WHY. …I’ve become much happier with things over the past semester. I think a lot of it has to do with items mentioned in #1

3. Stop swearing. …Not gonna lie this isn’t going as well as I had hoped. I really thought I could get to the point where I don’t swear at all. I’ve gotten better at work. I say “God bless America” and I say things like “freak” and “WTF” but not the whole word. Then again I friend friends who think it’s their mission to get me TO swear so what can you do?
4. Along the line of friends. Don’t date losers. …How do I say this nicely? It isn’t that I keep dating losers, but I DO keep dating people I KNOW are not a good match for me. I want to be a “good” person though or more so I don’t want to be “that girl” so I look the other way with faults or warning signs, only to end up hurt in the end.

5. Take time for me. ..This should be easier to do with school out. I have done this slightly, either by driving with the radio off or when I stay up at night reading.

6. Lose weight…such a shallow goal but this is more along the lines of taking better care of myself. …Not gonna lie…this isn’t going so well. Let’s just say I have about 19 pounds of unhappiness. Although when people learn what goal I’m going for they say THAT IS TOO THIN FOR YOU. Still then let’s call it 14 pounds of unhappiness. Time to do something about it. More working out, less treats. I thought people lost weight with braces?

Well thanks for stopping by…I’m hoping to get some training in this week…yes training! And there are THREE races next weekend so it should be a FUN write up. I leave you with one of my favorite running ads.


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  1. I love this post! Your goals are perfect and definitely attainable. I love how you not only recognize your dating problem but want to change it. I am also in the bad habit of dating guys I know aren't good for me, right from the start, but I still dive in head first without a care. Sigh.

    I hope you're having a great weekend, Julie!

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