Just the facts ma’am

Mercy Health 5K

This past Saturday I went to a 5K down in Canton. It was the Mercy Health 5K and I was so excited to be going to a run where I didn’t have to drive over half an hour…closer to an hour. Gale ditched because of the rain…so I did this solo. Interestingly enough I bumped into an old coworker, so we chatted for a few moments. Turns out it was his 1st 5K. Awesome. We gathered outside the building and got ready to run. I drank so much water and did tons of stretching…even going as far as to do some Yoga poses in the parking lot.

The first mile wasn’t too bad, feeling OK especially given all I did last week. Hit mile 1 according to the timer @ like 10:10 so I was happy with this pace. More hills, although it was billed as sans hills…and mile 2 was right after going through the path in the park. 21:30. Ok OK not bad, and feeling good. More park pathway, and entering another community of homes and people with dogs cheering us on. Suddenly I fell so tired! No pain, just exhausted with all I’ve been doing! Ugg. A lil walking and more running when I sense there is a finish up ahead. We turn into a grassy field behind the medical center and I tear down the grass, kicking my legs and pumping my arms! According to the charts I finished just over 32:30…so I was VERY pleased. A bottle of chocolate milk and a banana and I watched awards before heading off to the mall. Best part of the race? The shirt! So rarely do I even LIKE the tees but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt! Look at it!

At the mall I bought a sweet shirt at Forever 21 with giraffes and polka dots! Wow! Also I grabbed a few more c9 shirts at Target and some fake hair pieces for the coming holidays.

Happy Trails 5K

Sunday Gale and I went to Medina again…this time no tornadoes! Kelli was there too. VERY hot day! SERIOUSLY crazy hot! Before the race we talked about how sore and not ready we were! Here we are at the start. Having fun? Honestly I don’t recall my splits. The race itself was nice. We went down two main roads and entered a park. The park was so pretty, I paced to look at trees and the pond and just general happiness in the surroundings. After mile 2 there was a water stop with a shirtless EMT, NOT complaining about that idea!! Yum! Sadly….numb left foot again! WTF? So much pain and I limped it in around 35 minutes. Booo.

Gale in the pink shorts to the left

Myself in bright pink

Gale got 2nd in her age…I think Kelli got 1st? I made a medal at the kids table. It’s a ROJ medal…do you love it?

Random Life

Did some reading and research and hopefully it turns out my issue of pain/numb is a potassium issue and NOT a pinched nerve. We shall see….I am eating apricots and all sorts of other good things.

Tuesday Gale drug me to a track work out. I actually cried I was so embarrassed by how poorly I did compared to everyone else. She tried to cheer me up and it worked for a while. I just need to kick my own butt and get on the ball here!

At least my coworker asked if I lost weight! I did lose 3 pounds from last week. Ok REDUCED by 3 pounds. So far so good!

BTW interesting fact of the month? The trail run last week…I peed outside. This is the first time I have ever peed outside in all of my almost 26 years…well that I know of anyway. I’ll be honest I’ve peed in pools, lakes, even the shower (Sorry Mom!) but just outside in a bush? Against a dumpster? Never thought I would. Maybe I’m becoming a real runner?

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  1. Hey I saw your post over at my blog…tell me all about it! Is it in OH…can I come watch you race?!

    So cool!

  2. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I just read a few entries, and really liked it. Congratulations on officially becoming a runner by urinating outside 🙂

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