Good Housekeeping

There are a few housekeeping items we need to dive into before this very fun and exciting weekend. What’s so exciting about it? Well, we have not 1 not 2 but 3 races! Friday night is the Medina Run 4 Fun. Saturday is Emerald Crossing Trail Run. Sunday is Sprint into Spring. Most of these will be associated with a brief but refreshing nap. Sunday is also Mother’s Day and I am very excited to get to do special stuff for my very own Momma Llama!Good Housekeeping item #1

There are new fans of ROJ and the #1 questions I get…if I had more questions…is what is R-O-J? I’m glad you’re asking! ROJ is the Republic of Julie. ROJ is something my Mom started a few years back when she realized I kinda do things in my own way. Not in a bad way or a wrong way, just in my OWN way. In fact one of the many benefits of ROJ is normally I think anything and everything is possible. Long time readers will recall this blog was previously titled “There are no downsides in ROJ” as I trained for my 1st marathon.

Good Housekeeping item #2

Pictures from the 10 – miler.

Here is pic # 1 of myself and Pati…I like this picture because it makes me look skinny and like I have a nice rack


Here is pic #2, I like this because we’re both SO happy! And if you look at both pics, it’s kinda cool how are strides match. She impresses me so if I can look like her I might be doing something right!


I don’t like this pic, but it’s for your laughing purposes. I kinda look like I might die!


I DO like this…hair casually blowing in the breeze, steady walk. Oh yeah we finished this thing!


Thanks for stopping by…I’ll have lots of quality things to talk about after the weekend. How’s training going? Eh so far we have one night where I did ab work outs for about 20 minutes and another night of 30 mins on the elliptical. However, the batteries are dying in the ellip so it kept starting over and kicking down my resistance. Grrrr.

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