Taking it easy?

I decided since it was a holiday weekend I would treat myself to taking it easy. Although I must admit I apparently have a very different idea of what that means compared to most people. Forgive me if I’ve previously mentioned this, but let’s recap of how I’ve been for the past week.Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Track work out…where I sat down and cried lol
Wednesday: Brick. (14 mile ride 2 mile run. Left leg flared up)
Thursday: Trail run. (Dropped out 1 mile into it)

So as far as training is going…not too swell since I can’t seem to figure out WTF is going on with my left leg! I did take the time Thursday since I was in the area to stop by my favorite running store Fleet Feet and check out some new shoes. While there I also placed an order for a new bra and bought some compression socks. At home I put the socks on and it was simply a miracle how much better I was moving around in them!

Friday I met up with my Tom and we went on our appx 12 mile ride for Lake Metro Parks. We went through some very pretty areas and our turn around point was the Coast Guard Station so we listened to them talk about their jobs and the different boats. The one is HUGE and it has the ability to right itself if it becomes capsized! After the ride we enjoyed hot dogs and potato salad.

Saturday morning…I woke at 4:45. No that is not a typo…as much as I wish it were. I woke this early so I could be on the road to PA. Happy times. After about 2.5 hours of driving, no traffic but TONS of fog…I arrived at Oil Creek State Park. Gale was about 20 mins behind me, because she took a wrong turn leaving the state. I found the leader and told him she was on her way. Since we all stood around talking and taking pics we decided as the “slower” group we would wait for her and Ed. When meeting everyone I explained I didn’t want to run too much, I was coming off an injury and really just wanted to know what the terrain would be like. It was agreed we wouldn’t go too far and when Gale and Ed arrived we were off!

I’ve hiked in the past, but it has never been anything like this experience. Equally beautiful and challenging. The whole time I did fear a flare up in either leg, but no issue! We saw 3 snaked and countless butterflies and other creatures. It was still Turkey Hunting season, hence the weird colors. I don’t own anything that fits in weird colors so I look like a hobo, and since I left my contacts at home I had to wear a hat for shade. 2.5 into it there was an option to loop down and head back, creating about a 7-8 mile loop. Oddly I was feeling good and everyone’s energy was rubbing off on me so I agreed to the other option of going all the way to the next rest stop…another 5-6 miles? Together we talked and climbed and chatted until amazingly enough there it was…the rest stop! We drank water and ate bananas and rejoiced.

Next it was down to the bike path for the long trek “home”. Little did I know hiking was the easy part. WOW 4+ miles on flat bike path, exposed to the sun! All of our feet hurt like MAAAAD. This was NOT fun, even jamming to some GaGa provided by one of the other’s IPhone did not help. We were out there a few hours. And we were ALL pleased to have accomplished almost 14 miles. Everyone set Garmin at a different place so there was debate on what was “right” and some people stopped measuring at potty breaks and stuff. The point is though…we did it! Check out the elevation and a few snap shots. I know my print out says 13 miles…I had to delete the last few “laps” something went wrong with my Garmin and it was reading driving on the highway so it really messed up my pace/elevation charts.

*random highlights*

– singing. We started with “I believe I can fly”. This morphed into “run” then “walk” and finally back to “fly:
– talking about boobies
– Linda’s husband running up out of no where to scare her.
– Making animal noises
– Gale having a GIANT spider in her bathroom

On the way home I wore my recovery socks again and put it on cruise control…couldn’t speed anyway it’s a holiday weekend! Sheesh! I am in LOVE with my socks. See the last pic…don’t I look like a Spartan soldier? If the first marathon was run like that…no wonder he dropped dead! I sucked down a medium Dr Pepper. It was cold, sweet and not water…and had caffeine for the drive home! Half way home I caved and bought food. A mocha frappe, mushroom & swiss Angus burger and I ate 1.2 my fries. Say what you will but if you hike 13+ miles for 5+ hours you can eat whatever you want! It was all I ate yesterday anyway.

Wore my recovery socks to a friends party and then to bed. Woke up with s ore hip (cat slept on me) and just spent the day doing nothing. Well laundry and getting summer clothes out (I have shorts now!!). Tomorrow I MIGHT run the Tallmadge 5K. If I do it won’t be pretty. Next weekend is the Duathlon and Morgana 5K.

Look at how high up we are! The oil wells are down at ground level.

Our group standing at the viewpoint


Looking out over it all and being amazed….


Which way do we go George?
A snaaaaaake a snaaaaake
Do you think we can put this boat in the river and FLOAT back to our cars?

31691_416378493904_609748904_4055713_873054_nBeing my sexy chick self….as usual



Route: Elev. Avg: 1256 ft
Location: Elev. Gain: -6 ft
Date: 05/29/10 Up/Downhill: [+2703/-2709]
Time: 08:34 AM Difficulty: 4.2 / 5.0

Elevation (ft)

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Just the facts ma’am

Mercy Health 5K

This past Saturday I went to a 5K down in Canton. It was the Mercy Health 5K and I was so excited to be going to a run where I didn’t have to drive over half an hour…closer to an hour. Gale ditched because of the rain…so I did this solo. Interestingly enough I bumped into an old coworker, so we chatted for a few moments. Turns out it was his 1st 5K. Awesome. We gathered outside the building and got ready to run. I drank so much water and did tons of stretching…even going as far as to do some Yoga poses in the parking lot.

The first mile wasn’t too bad, feeling OK especially given all I did last week. Hit mile 1 according to the timer @ like 10:10 so I was happy with this pace. More hills, although it was billed as sans hills…and mile 2 was right after going through the path in the park. 21:30. Ok OK not bad, and feeling good. More park pathway, and entering another community of homes and people with dogs cheering us on. Suddenly I fell so tired! No pain, just exhausted with all I’ve been doing! Ugg. A lil walking and more running when I sense there is a finish up ahead. We turn into a grassy field behind the medical center and I tear down the grass, kicking my legs and pumping my arms! According to the charts I finished just over 32:30…so I was VERY pleased. A bottle of chocolate milk and a banana and I watched awards before heading off to the mall. Best part of the race? The shirt! So rarely do I even LIKE the tees but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt! Look at it!

At the mall I bought a sweet shirt at Forever 21 with giraffes and polka dots! Wow! Also I grabbed a few more c9 shirts at Target and some fake hair pieces for the coming holidays.

Happy Trails 5K

Sunday Gale and I went to Medina again…this time no tornadoes! Kelli was there too. VERY hot day! SERIOUSLY crazy hot! Before the race we talked about how sore and not ready we were! Here we are at the start. Having fun? Honestly I don’t recall my splits. The race itself was nice. We went down two main roads and entered a park. The park was so pretty, I paced to look at trees and the pond and just general happiness in the surroundings. After mile 2 there was a water stop with a shirtless EMT, NOT complaining about that idea!! Yum! Sadly….numb left foot again! WTF? So much pain and I limped it in around 35 minutes. Booo.

Gale in the pink shorts to the left

Myself in bright pink

Gale got 2nd in her age…I think Kelli got 1st? I made a medal at the kids table. It’s a ROJ medal…do you love it?

Random Life

Did some reading and research and hopefully it turns out my issue of pain/numb is a potassium issue and NOT a pinched nerve. We shall see….I am eating apricots and all sorts of other good things.

Tuesday Gale drug me to a track work out. I actually cried I was so embarrassed by how poorly I did compared to everyone else. She tried to cheer me up and it worked for a while. I just need to kick my own butt and get on the ball here!

At least my coworker asked if I lost weight! I did lose 3 pounds from last week. Ok REDUCED by 3 pounds. So far so good!

BTW interesting fact of the month? The trail run last week…I peed outside. This is the first time I have ever peed outside in all of my almost 26 years…well that I know of anyway. I’ll be honest I’ve peed in pools, lakes, even the shower (Sorry Mom!) but just outside in a bush? Against a dumpster? Never thought I would. Maybe I’m becoming a real runner?

Don’t get lost in the woods: Why I am not a boy scout!

OK OK I’m probably not a boy scout because I am lacking in the penile department…aside from this small feature, it’s also because I am a city girl. Now, I’m not one of those city girls like Carrie Bradshaw hangs out with, but I’m probably only different from them in the shoes and clothes sense. When I was younger I went with my Mom’s coworker while they were turkey hunting. My job was to babysit the small children. On this trip I learned turkeys sleep in trees. I also pointed to a group of cows and said “what weird looking horses!” or maybe you can switch the cows/horses but the point was…I became known as “city girl”.

Fast forward to May 21, 2010…I’m no longer in school and I’m not suffering from OMG I NEED A NAP NOW! So I agree to try this group training run. As we all know I have not been working out. On Sunday I completed the half, on Tuesday I did 20 mins on the ellip, Wed I did the Ride of Silence (our ride was roughly 13.5) and then last night I attempt to run 5-6 miles in the woods. What’s wrong with me?

We start off from the parking lot and I’m feeling pretty good. I find a rhythm and I just want to stay with the group. About a half mile into it I realize Garmin is off! Grrr. So we start into the woods and immediately I wonder how much of a workout I signed up for. Up giant hills, down giant hills, all covered is slippery mud! Across bridges that shake and are missing boards and you need to leap onto them in the first place. OK it’s not AS BAD as this picture but it felt like it!

I hang back a time or two because I don’t want to leave Gale…and we become VERY behind the rest of the group. We’re doing our thing and she’s not happy any time there is mud and I just go right into it…hey I bought trail shoes for a reason didn’t I? After a while I just feel like I HAVE to run and so I take off in front of them. Leaping into water, climbing up edges that start at my hip (gotta love being short) and just loving the experience. Part of me feels like I’m in a movie, but it’s one of the rear times I’m having FUN. Maybe because I know it’s not a race and so there’s no one judging my time. Everything is beyond words beautiful and I just feel amazing. I suppose proper diet + working out = life is AWESOME not just good but awesome. Only thing? I was only 2 miles into the run! Sheesh!

Occasionally I’d hear Gale yell for me and I’d yell back so I didn’t think we were too far apart. I mean I’m really not THAT fast or good. I was being stupid and selfish tough. I was having too much fun on my own and knew I should have hung back with my friend…the one with the directions. And I was just being cocky because for ONCE in all the years we’ve been running…I was doing better than Gale, and I liked it. Two people ran past me in the other direction and I waved hello. I could hear them talking to Gale & her partner in crime for a lil…but then they were up behind me again. I managed to match their pace for a while…having people certainly makes you wanna go faster. We go over more rivers and ledges past a field of GIANT plants. It felt like the cabbage patch on crack. We talk about The Neverending Story and how both of us girls would wear necklaces on our heads and pretend to be the princess. I later learn these two folks are Rachel and Dan. I learn even later Rachel is a part of the famous Vertical Runners.

The three of us reach a clearing and we are WAY ahead of the other two. We believe this is the part where you split from Buckeye Trail and follow Valley. So we make a left and go the less rocky looking way. I’m sad to not be on the BT anymore, it was so pretty and such a great work out. I felt like a real athlete when moving along the course. We get up to a road and I recognize it as a part of the CVNP trail hike spree from a year or two ago. It’s also where my family and I got lost because it’s so poorly marked. We travel over a mile up road until we get to a real road and we see a sign that we’re in Brecksville. WTF? A girl drives by in a car and tells us we’re near RT 21. NOT where we want to be. Hmm. We turn around and go all the way back to the forest…talking along the way and noticing we’ve been at this for 90 minutes and like 5 miles. Rachel leads us down this other path, knowing we don’t want to go all the way back to Buckeye. We hit a dead end after climbing through some bushes. At this point we can hear the road and almost see the clearing so the three of us just take off into the forest. I am praying the whole time we don’t walk in anything alive or poisonous. After a while we’re in grass that I swear was up to my knees and we are just going through this field trying to get to the road! What a short cut…what an adventure. We jump over a gate and we’re on a road. As we start to walk someone drives by…and we learn we are in fact ON Riverview…YIPPIE the road we want!!! We shuffle along up the road, until Rachel decided she can run to her car and pick us up. Off she goes. More power to her. My left hurt and we’re 6 miles into this. I wasn’t in pain, but I sure wasn’t running more. It was A LOT for me to do my first week back into training.

She arrives with the car and I turn off Garmin. Mine doesn’t read 7 but remember I turned her on late. We arrive at the parking lot and there is Gale waiting for me…about to call the National Guard or something. I love her. We agree to at least take our phone from now on…even if we always stay together.

It wasn’t the trail run I was expecting. Two hours later thought I was done and I was happy. I didn’t mind getting lost and Rachel and Dan were two of the nicest people to wonder off with and have a good time. I’ll go back next week. I might make sure to have my phone and a map though!